3P Direct Continues Online Growth


The Print & Packaging People (3P Direct Ltd) has racked up another business milestone with the launch of the new UKPrinting.com website. The Mansfield firm have been developing the site for over a year. The new website includes several cutting-edge features that hadn’t been seen before in the promotional products sector.

Richard Tyler, Co-Founder and Director of 3P Direct said; “Customers can now upload and immediately see their logo on thousands of printed products. This in itself has been done before on a basic level, but not in a lifestyle photography setting. Previous solutions were also always poor when accessed on a mobile device.  We have invested over £200,000 in the development of the site, making it a significant project with both internal and external teams collaborating over the last 12 months to bring our vision to life.”

New Websites for UKPackaging.com and UKPrinting

“Our new technology will allow site visitors can view their printed product on display before purchasing. This could be in a retail environment, or even at a sports stadium. After carrying out research before the site development, we were able to identify that very often, customers are landing on the site with a certain marketing budget in mind but they are not sure what products to buy. Our new website solves this problem. Not only does it show what their promotional product will look like when printed, it also offer comparison prices for printing the product in the UK, Europe and if time permits, in the Far East.”

About 3P Direct

3P Direct has been trading for 15 years, with UKPrinting’s sister site, UKPackaging. UKPackaging.com has since become one of the largest ecommerce sites for next day packaging in the country. It now has more than 30 account managers and support staff helping customers with their print and packaging requirements.

Tyler added, “We are now very well positioned in the online market place as it is genuinely unique to have both sites and all this industry experience under one roof.  We are different from most print and packaging merchants and we do have our niche. We offer clients both their promotional and packaging solutions and our websites show our growing product range. Our larger customers really buy into the model and we look after some pretty big brands these days. Time and time again we’ve helped customers drive more sales via printed promotions and then we’ve seen the benefit when they start selling more of their products and require more packaging fromus as a result. ”

New style 12 sided trolley coin launch


Vendors and retailers are preparing for the new 12-sided pound coin which launches in March 2017, and in anticipation, ukprintprice.com is pleased to announce a new range of compatible trolley coin keyrings and keychains.

The new style £1 12 sided trolley coin keyring

The new style £1 12 sided trolley coin keyring

The new coin, technically a ‘regular dodecagon’ in shape and similar to a threepenny bit, is being introduced to reduce fraudulent activity. Millions of pounds have been spent converting vending machines, lockers and trolleys already, and work will continue during the upgrade period.

On the plus side for business, trolley coins are extremely handy, and the switch provides a great opportunity for long-term brand visibility.

Our trolley coin keyrings are already available in the new shape, and can be engraved or soft enamelled with your logo, brand or message on both sides. Our range will increase over the coming months, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a free design service.

Now’s the time to make the switch. Call 0344 8099 363 to speak to one our promotional print experts!

Silver Cross launch printed carrier bags


In October 2016 ukprintprice.com was commissioned to produce promotional bags for Silver Cross’s stateside launch.

Iconic UK luxury pram innovators Silver Cross launched their stunning new range at North America’s premier juvenile products trade show recently.

White Rope Handle Bags for Silver Cross

The 130-year-old brand is officially launching the new Wave pram in the US and marked the occasion by unveiling the ground-breaking model alongside the classic Balmoral, a pram most famously used by celebrities and royal families around the world.

ukprintprice.com were delighted to help supply the promotional needs of the brand, who pulled out all the stops to wow the press and traders at the ABC Kids Expo, held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in October. The company was commissioned to produce promotional rope handle bags featuring Silver Cross artwork.

The bags were produced on four colour Ryobi printing machines – highly regarded industry standard quality kit. The bags were then cut to size on a Heidelberg cylinder press, whose quality means many machines still are still in service many decades later. Robotic rope handle making machines were used to add the finishing touches.

Rope Handle Bags - Handle Twisting Machine

Rope Handle Machine


Heidelberg Cylinder Press








Production Manager for ukprintprice.com, Tyrone Cornwall, guided the production of the bags following the initial brief and was delighted with the results, especially considering the tight deadline.

“We gave some specific advice about lamination and printing which helped the design stand out. We are delighted with the results, and the feedback from Silver Cross was that the bags looked great, and the trade show was a big success.”

Win Customer Attention -Trending Promotional Items


Getting customers attention isn’t always easy in a busy marketplace. The best way is often to surprise and delight them. Here’s a roundup of popular promotional products that we think will help lift your brand awareness and give you the marketing edge this summer 2016.

Sport Bottles & Branded Hydration

Promotional Sports Bottles have been a customer favourite in 2016 given their usefulness, shelf life and high visibility.










Always a favourite with leisure companies, gyms and personal trainers, we are also seeing sports bottles becoming increasingly popular with a wide range of other businesses. Perhaps this is a trend where business owners and management have come to appreciate the benefits of a hydrated workforce or simply the increase in the number of local gyms and leisure facilities that has an impact on this purchasing trend.

Whether your leisure time is spent in the gym, cycling or running, we carry a range of bottles that will suit all requirements including high-viz, aluminium, fold-able and jogger (grip through the middle) in a range of colour options. All our bottles are fully brand-able and we even provide a free design service to help you get your logo and any promotional message just perfect.

There’s also the option to brand water and soft drinks bottles – perfect for any outdoor summer event.












Beach & Holiday Accessories

Our range of branded beach accessories are red hot this summer! From promotional beach balls to floats, games and bags, we’ve got you covered. Branded sun spray is always handy, as are our windscreen covers, preventing any ‘hot seat-belt on skin’ moments after a day at the beach!

Help get your clients holidays off to a great start with a branded luggage and security tags – or if it’s a driving holiday, we even have personalised leather road atlases.

Complimenting our beach accessories, we have a range of picnic blankets, cooler bags and outdoor games – for peaceful days at the park or recreational ground. We even stock logo branded barbecues – a functional and inventive way to show your appreciation to key clients and employees.

bag and ball
Lip Protection

Branded lip balms and oils are a ‘small but effective’ promotional gift item, ever-available in a handbag or day-bag.

Promotional lip balms protect lips from cold or hot weather and are a perfect low-cost giveaway at any outdoor event. Their low cost also makes them perfect for any large volume based promotion and for any company, especially those associated with health and beauty.

Our Natural Lip Balm is 100% organic and certified by NATURE. All ingredients are sourced from organic farming or fair-trade projects. Branded lip balm sticks come in a variety of sizes, colours and flavours.












Stress Relievers & Desk Toys

Stress relievers are the kind of promotional gift which seems to hang around the office for years and years – often making their way between desks and even departments depending on the individuals level of frustration!

We offer a large range of stress balls, key rings, wobblers in many shapes and styles – including seasonal stress relievers for Christmas goody bags.

We also carry a fantastic range of executive gifts and toys. Raise the stakes at office parties with branded poker or card sets. Or add your logo to our excellent fun 6-in-1 games set which includes chess, dominoes and four more games.

Of course, all our stress relievers and executive toys can be branded with your logo and a number of colour options are available.










USB Sticks 

USB sticks are now so common they find their place on many people’s key rings, but unfortunately, the designs often lack inspiration, which is a great shame as the sky is the limit!

From novelty designs to sleek, low profile models, we offer drives for all budgets and purposes. Football fans can have a football or football shirt with their team colours included. We also have pendrives shaped like trucks, cars and planes.  For budding James Bonds, we even have USB drives disguised as ball point pens and credit cards.

You can order USB sticks in a variety of capabilities, from 1GB all the way up to 250GB – more than enough storage to carry documents, presentations and photos.

Some of our memory sticks can even be preloaded with your files – a great way to introduce customers to your brand through promotional PDF’s, images or videos.




Promotional Bags


Ukprintprice.com has one of the largest selection of printed products and promotional items within the promotional market and we’re constantly looking for new innovations to offer the best range of products on the market.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is working and supporting UK manufacturers to ensure every custom print run has the same high quality standard as the next. Within the last ten years we have built up trusted relationships with all types of manufacturers to bring you the very best quality and prices.

How Does Carrier Bag Production Work?

After you have selected your product and have signed off the design proof with our helpful sales team we take care of the rest. Your design is sent to the manufacturer for your designs to be transferred to printing plates and the printing process begins.

Carrier Bag Production Capability

Our most popular machine has a capability of 18,000 printed bags per hour with up to a maximum of two colours on two sides on our range of carrier bags.

A greener, more environmental approach to production is one of our goals and that’s why we use an approved list of manufacturers who feel the same way about keeping their carbon footprint low. No plastic is wasted and any left-over material is taken from cutting handles or test runs and sent to a recycle plant to be turned back into pellets ready to be used again. Literally nothing goes to waste with our printed carrier bag manufacturing process which allows us to keep our costs low and also our company environmentally responsible.

As well as our larger printing units we also offer an overprint process that is ideal for basic one colour small runs. These are all bespoke made  to our customers requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team on 0844 8099 363 to answer all your questions.

Our bags are made from industry standard 180 gauge plastic but we do have the capability to provide prints on up to 300 gauge for heavier products. We would ask you contact our sales team to discuss your requirements further on bespoke higher grade plastics.

With further investment within our factory we shall soon offer a newly installed machine with the capability of printing 300 bags per minute bringing our total capability up to 466 prints per minute. With high quality heaters our prints now dry faster than ever which enables a quicker turnaround time and a higher quality end product.

What is Flexography?

Flexography is a printing method that uses flexible relief plates to print a design onto almost any type of material such as plastics, metals and paper. This form of printing is perfect for short run professional printed carrier bags

Relief Plates

The relief plate is used to print your design onto the bag and is made from a light sensitive polymer. Before the light treatment the plate has a soft rubber texture until your design on a film negative is placed over the plate and ultraviolet light is exposed to the material hardening the design on to your plate. The remaining polymer that surrounds the design is simply washed away with warm water to reveal the print.


Advantages and Disadvantages on Flexography?

Flexography holds many benefits to our customers these include fast drying ink enabling large runs in a short period of time. We can produce over 18,000 bags per hour which also saves on energy and with the polymer plates allowing millions of prints from one plate it makes this printing process more environmentally sound then many newer printing methods such as digital print. With modern technological advances in the production and development of relief plate manufacture flexography now has the same high quality and continuity that was once separating it from other printing methods.

The disadvantage of using relief plates for printing is the design has to be reversed which limits the designs such as photography.

For more information you can view our Google+ account ukprintprice.com

Summer 2018 Branded Products

With over 6000 promotional products, here at ukprintprice we are exposed to small, medium and very large brands on a daily basis. With the temperature at a record high and the entire Nation in a particularly good place due to England’s ongoing World Cup success, I ponder which Summer promotional products have that ‘feel good factor’ and why is it some brands seem to get it so right with their summer promotional products. With brands at the heart of modern consumer culture, how is it certain brands jump effortlessly on the back of the Nations raised spirits and what can we do to make a difference to the message we convey with our own business.


Love Island Reusable Bottles

If you saw the trend coming and could move quickly, you may have been able to capitalize on this Summers new enthusiasm for reusable branded water bottles. A surprising new symbol of youth and general coolness, previously these water bottles had only really been seen at the gym and music festivals but recently have featured heavily in this year’s Love Island. For those of us who consider our environmental impact they are made of plastic but this didn’t stop the contestants having their names plastered all over them! ‘Hydration’ it seems has become cool and this trend has filtered down to promotional products with some forward thinking employers ditching the conventional promotional coffee mug for their staff and customers in favor of funky promotional water bottles. Fortunately we saw the trend developing and stocked up accordingly.

Love Island Blog


Printed Parasols

It’s that time of year where sales in printed parasols are at their peak. Branded parasols have always been a very popular method of advertising for pubs, hotels and restaurants. Here at ukprintprice we offer the classic white stem, the more contemporary wooden stem and the heavy duty aluminium option. When the weather is good, people head outside. This is where this popular promotional and functional product really makes its mark at outdoor events, whether it be a sporting, music or country event, you’ll see these everywhere and with is us offering 18 stock parasol colors from stock, there is a good chance several of these eye catching parasols will have come from us.

Printed Parasols

Branded Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles are the perfect advertising medium particularly for outdoor summer events. Everyone needs and drinks water, especially when faced with these unusual temperatures! Our range of Branded Water is available in 330ml and 500ml sizes with a choice of pure, still or sparkling water. Supplied in plastic bottles and from only 70p per bottle, we offer a a variety of cap colour choices. Screw caps and Sports Caps are also available with the water source from Celtic Springs in Wales and Cornwall. Bespoke label shapes are also available at a small additional cost.


Beach Accessories

It is that wonderful time of year when we head for the beach! One mustn’t underestimate the effectiveness of branded holiday merchandise. If your brand fits well with this relaxing time of year, the number of Britons taking a break remains high with 87% of people taking a holiday either at home or abroad during the past twelve months. The percentage of people holidaying abroad has also increased from 55% to 57%. Holidays abroad are most popular with over 65’s who on average took two foreign holidays per year. They are also more likely to go abroad for a week or more. The average number of domestic holidays also grew significantly last year with 72% of people taking a break in the last twelve months. People aged 35-44 are most likely to take a domestic holiday, on average going on 2.5 trips per person. Our beach accessories include promotional footballs, beach games, towels, sunglasses and even promotional cooler bags!


Our Winter 2017 Promotional Gift Guide

Our Complete Guide To Winter Promotional Gifts.

Now’s a great time to consider how to promote your business during the latter part of the year and beyond. Read on for our guide on key trending promotional products in Winter 2017. 

Winter Warmers

Stay safe and keep warm and toasty with these highly practical promotional gifts.

Ice Scrapers

Our printed ice scrapers are ever-handy rush hour life savers! Your customers will definitely love this useful freebie. An ice scraper could be the ideal promotional giveaway in the winter months. It is a practical and functional item which can be branded with your logo ensuring that your name is seen in a positive light.


Varsity Hoodies

Our custom printed hoddies are ideal for sports clubs are ideal for university clubs and sports teams and feature an attractive double fabric hood with contrast colour inner and lace design. Print your logo, design or club crest in up to four colours, or we can also offer embroidered logos.

– View Printed Hoodies

Travel Mugs

Enjoy a coffee on the go without the high street prices or single-use plastic containers with an attractive travel mug. Our highly competitive travel mug range includes aluminium and full colour models. Or choose one of our express options for quick delivery.

– View Printed Travel Mugs 

FARE Printed Umbrellas

Stay out of the rain with premium branded umbrellas from our friends at FARE featuring a wide variety of styles and suitable for all budgets. Premium FARE model come in a range of fabrics and sizes.

– View Promotional Umbrellas

Staff Gifts & Awards

Whether its an official award ceramony or a toast over Christmas dinner, show your appreciation for top performing staff with personalised engraved Star award! Or for a more practical keepsake with a similar message, opt for the Star keyring.


– View Engraved Awards


We offer a great selection of brandable festive giveaways! Our brand able chocolate calendars are stuffed with 24 delicious milk chocolate treats. A highly visible and memorable treat for the office – who gets to open the door each morning is up to them!

– View Chocolate Advent Calendars

Mince Pies & Festive Treats


And, for a fresh spin on a traditional Christmas classic, our promotional printed mince pies are full of fun and flavour!

View All Festive Treats

Pens & Stationery

Pens are an all year around gift which is particularly suitable at Christmas and very versatile as a promotional gift. Our engraved Parker Pens make a superb premium gift for your favourite clients too.

– View promotional pens

Trending Summer Promotional Products

Fidget Spinners –

Easily the toy sensation of 2017, fidget spinners are phenomenally popular and very addictive! Popular with youngsters and adults a-like, our branded fidget spinners are made from high-quality materials and once up and running, seem like they’ll spin forever… just give them a whirl! Print your logo in up to 4 colours. Priced from as low as £1.49 per printed spinner.


For something a little bit different but very much on the fidget spinner theme, fidget cubes are just as fiendishly addictive! Our fidget cubes include a rotating dial, rolling spinning ball and gears, flip switch, thumb joy stick and three click buttons. Cure boredom and get your brand seen at the same time.


Rubik’s Cubes

The enduring 80s phenomenon… now branded with your logo! The Rubik’s Cube is a puzzle with a twist – line up the coloured blocks in as few moves as possible to complete it – or in this case, to reveal your logo or brand message. Everyone knows and loves the retro-chic Rubik’s Cube, especially the 30 and 40 somethings who grew up in the 80’s. A great opportunity for some creative branding.


LED Torches

LED torches are exceptionally bright, compact and energy-efficient making them extremely handy for any tool belt or bedside dresser (great for when the power’s out!). This is one of those promotional items which tends to get really positive feedback from customers – and it’s likely they’ll keep hold of theirs for many years to come.
These LED torches provide a great burst of light when you need it most and the batteries will last a long time too.  Clever additional features such as handy wrist straps, telescopic handles and flexible heads make them very practical for employee issue. There are plenty of options for customisation and we even have a number of novelty designs. For hands-free operation, there’s the option to go for head-torches. Either add your logo in up to four colours by printing on the barrel, or for a more tactile approach, have your logo or branded message engraved instead.


Sweets Sharing Tins

With an impressive choice of more than 20 varities of sweets and mints, our sweetie sharing tins are definitely a ‘kid in a candy shop’ experience! When the going gets tough at work who doesn’t appreciate the offer of a sweet treat or breath-freshening mint. Often handed out from promotional stands at freshers’ fairs and business events, sharing tins avoid the fate of being abandoned at the bottom of a giveaway bag – customers tend to pop them open straight away.

Our sharing tins can be printed in up to 4 colours and there are a number of different tin designs and sweeties to choose from – including childhood classics such as love-hearts and humbugs.


Take out Mugs

Promotional take out mugs are increasingly popular with tea and coffee drinkers as a great way to reduce their carbon footprint… while maintaining their caffeine intake! Reusable coffee and hot drinks mugs tend to travel with your customer – from breakfast table to cup-holder to desk. You couldn’t really ask for better all-day visibility, and they’re very durable too. That’s why travel mugs represent one of most effective giveaways for your money.

Our Haddon travel mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and conform to articles in contact with food testing. Choose from economy one colour mugs with matching colour lid, full colour travel mugs and aluminium mugs with a handy carrying grip.



Our promotional printed earphones look great and include a number of helpful features to give the wearer a comfortable listening experience whether they’re on the train or at the gym. Our inner earphones include a selection of comfortable buds in different sizes for best fit and maximum comfort. These earphones come with a matching carry case, which can be printed with a logo in up to four colours.

Our ‘Ivy’ earphones feature an integrated cable tidy which makes them great for gym-goers who spend their lives untangling their earphone cables! Delivered at an attractive low price and including your logo on the cable tidy, these buds are now available in fashionable colours and low-cost white. Also featuring a 1m long cord, 3.5 jack plug and gold plated connector.


Mason Jar Mugs

These very chic Mason jar mugs look perfect for a summer outdoor event or garden party! Great for enjoying iced tea or iced coffee.
These 550ml mugs are styled like double-walled plastic jar with handle and feature a coloured screw top lid, matching straw and a coloured band around the base. Available in black, blue and red.


Bottle Openers

Our bottle opener keyrings come in every colour and shape you could dream of! Choose from budget one colour logo printed bottle openers or go for something highly bespoke to leave a lasting impression. Our bottle opener options include acrylic and metal print bodies, novelty designs including shipping buoys and hard hats, and bottle openers with integrated mini led-torches.

Christmas Countdown – Festive Gift Guide

It’s the time of year for giving and receiving, and it’s also a great opportunity to show clients just how much their business means to you. So if you are planning on showing your gratitude, there are plenty of ways to do so with a stunning, cost effective and personalised gift.

For key clients, engraved gifts are a thoughtful and impressive gesture – from 80s style Newton’s Cradles, engraved with a personalised message, to jewellery and watches, and business card holders. We have a great selection, with gifts for all budgets, and low minimum order quantities.

For valued employees, there are a number of options to show your appreciation. Goody-bags can include cost-effective items like chocolates, stress relievers and lip balms – all fully customisable with your logo.

Browse our selection of personalised promotional products today, and give us a call on 0344 8099 363 if you need any help with your selection – our team are promotional product experts and love a challenge.

Christmas Logo Bugs

Promotional Logo Bugs are a fantastic low cost way to get your message across, and these cute little desk buddies will no doubt sit happily next to a computer monitor or on the office fridge for a long. Highly personalisable, details such as company details and logo, along with your company message, or website can be included – the choice is yours. You also have a choice of alternative colours to the body, feet and ribbon.

Christmas Stress Relievers

Give us a squeeze! These festively fun stress relievers are ideal for great giveaways and events – and the best part is they always return to their original shape, no matter how hard you squash them.

Available in a host of Christmassy designs, these promotional stress toys help alleviate stress at work – as fun as the festive period can be, there’s no denying it has its challenging moments.

And of course, you can add your brand name to the design for the finishing touch.

View the full range of festive promotional stress relievers.

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate will be on everyone’s pressie list this year – but have your they ever had a chocolate bar featuring their name, a special message or personalised company logo?
Ideal for goody bags and giveaways, these premium chocolate bars are a real Christmas treat and freshly made to order. And with a generous print area and numerous premium print options, your company logo will look stunning and leave a lasting impression.

And with a generous print area and numerous premium print options, your company logo will look stunning and leave a lasting impression.

View the range of chocolate bars and chocolate gifts.

Lip Balm

At this time of year its cold outside and the heating’s chugging away – a recipe for chapped lips. For that reason these festive lip balms are among our most popular low cost printed promotional products at the festive period. In keeping with the season, with a large printable area and always handy in a pocket or purse – these lip balms are fitting and fit for purpose.

The Lip Balm 3D Santa is the perfect promotional item for that festive time of year, featuring a unique 3D Santa Hat decal to the cap. A variety of different colour options are available. SPF20 protection against the sun and harsh weather conditions. The

The Lip Balm 3D Christmas is the perfect promotional item for that festive time of year, featuring a unique 3D Christmas Tree decal to the cap. A variety of different colour options are available. SPF20 protection against the sun and harsh weather conditions.

Fare Safebrella LED Mini

As the long nights close in many folk are reluctant to give up their evening walk, but safety becomes an issue due to poor visibility – then there’s the weather! These fantastic branded safety umbrellas have a host of features to make winter evenings safer and more comfortable.

This version of the windproof FARE® Safebrella® mini has an integrated LED light in the handle to light your way in the dark. 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflects headlights meaning the holder is that little bit more visible when crossing the road, and the handy size and comfortable ergonomic handle mean this umbrella will always find a place in a briefcase or handbag.

The finishing touch? Add your logo to the panels and promote your brand whereever you go.

Parker Pens

We are proud to stock a range of pens and gift sets from brands like Parker and Balmain, fully customisable with your logo. Although popular all year round – these pens seem to go down extra well as Christmas. There’s nothing like a new pen, and using one’s even more of a pleasure when there’s an excuse to have a break from mouse and keyboard.

Give your favourite clients and employees the gift of a fantastic new writing implement this Christmas. Chose from fantastic individual pens, sets, and premium pens with premium look and feel gift boxes.

Our premium metal pens can be diamond engraved with your logo and this is included in the price you see on the website – branding that’s impactful and lasts for the lifetime of the pen.

Calendars & Deskpads

Promotional wall calendars branded with your logo are a superb way to keep your name on the wall in front of your client and others in the office, for a full 12 months. There are few promotional items that can guarantee this kind of constant visibility making the promotional calendar great value.

Our range of calendars features all sizes and shapes – from full blown wall planners to handy desktop mini versions. Simply pick the product you feel best shows off your branding, and is most useful to your customers.

Crystal Gifts


We are delighted to offer our very latest and most comprehensive range of crystal awards and engraved glass products. Our range of engraved glass products includes: crystal awards, wine and whisky glassware, bowls, vases, plaques, frames and promotional corporate glass products.

Whether it’s to mark the winning of a football league or a golf event, a valued colleague retiring or top performing employees, we can cater for every requirement We also supply presentation boxes to accompany your engraved glass product. These presentation boxes are supplied satin lined in a variety of colours and can also be printed or embossed on the lid.

Engraved Gifts


From carriage clocks to toothpick holders, our extensive range of personalised engraved business gifts has something for everyone this festive period. Engraved gifts are some of the most premium and impressive gifts in our range.

Among a host of affordable gifts, our premium range includes gifts for when you really want to go to town and treat a client – sterling silver business card holders, luxury cufflinks and even gold and silver ingots, engravable with your logo.

These gifts are diamond engraved by hand, a striking and clear way to display your branding.

And with low minimum orders its possible to get the gifts of your choice at the right price.


Bring your brand to live with a cuddly, sweet mascot bear!

We love printed teddy bears and so do our customers.  And this year we introduced our two new favourites,Fudge and Mulberry, two promotional teddies with premium softness, attractive colouring and the ever important cute factor!

These cuddly pals will find their home on any desk or break room sofa – just add your logo to the teddy’s t-shirt, or branding to its ribbon.

With quality and safety in mind, we ensure that all our soft toys use only the best quality materials and components. Toy regulations in the UK are governed by a Europe-wide toy safety standard EN71. This governs the safety of all toys sold in the UK and within the European Union.

New Printed Carrier Bags – Jan 2016

The Carrier Bag 5 Pence Charge – 3 Months On… 

Are you now carrying a plastic bag in your pocket? If so, you’re not on your own! Now that the dust has settled we ask ‘has it worked?’.

The 5 pence plastic bag charge was introduced in England on 5th October 2015. The number of plastic bags dished out by stores in 2014 was a staggering 7.5 billion bags which was up by over 200 million on the previous year.  It has been argued for some time that these bags damage wildlife and coastlines. Most people felt that it was a reasonable argument and the 5 pence charge was introduced to encourage people to use ‘Bags for Life’ or simply reuse bags more than once. Every time a plastic carrier bag is reused, it’s carbon footprint decreases.

Durham, England - May 2, 2012: Most British supermarket chains (Pooundland, Tesco, Iceland, Wilkinson) are portrayed by these shopping bags used to wrap garbage and left out on the street (Allergate) for collection. A small collection of glass bottles is displayed at the window.

Statistics show that the charge is working and now three months has passed recent surveys also show that over 60% of people in England feel that the charge is a positive thing. While England was the last country in the UK to introduce the charge, Wales saw a 70% drop in carrier bags purchased and Scotland saw a 20% reduction in just three months when compared to the previous year. In 2014, Northern Ireland had over 40% annual reduction and this followed the previous years drop of an impressive 70%. As well as the obvious carbon reduction benefits it is thought it will also save £60m on litter cleaning costs over the next ten years. The governments targets are 80% reduction in plastic bags from supermarkets and 50% reduction on our high streets.

The 5p charge applies only to larger retailers with 250 or more full-time employees. The Government is hoping that it will raise over £700m for environmental causes. While this charge has recently put the spotlight firmly on plastic printed carrier bags, it has also increased awareness of environmentally friendly bags. At ukprintprice we sell a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly printed carrier bags including: paper bags, cotton bags and jute bags.

In January 2016 we also introduced an alternative heavy duty printed polythene bag. These are proving to be very popular because they offer considerable strength and an extended 150mm gusset. As they are 100% recyclable and also over the 70 micron Government guideline they are considered a  ‘Bag for Life.’ As such, retailers don’t have to charge 5 pence to their customers for supplying this bag. They are therefore a ‘tax exempt bag’ which can be manufactured in short runs of only 250 bags. They can be printed in up to three colours and manufactured on an express service of only three days. It makes these bags a cost effective option against cotton and jute. From a promotional perspective the extended shelf life of the printed carrier bag is a real benefit when promoting your brand. These bags have proven really popular for companies going to exhibitions because the short runs and larger gusset base means their customers can drop several folders and leaflets etc into the bags whilst walking around meeting potential suppliers.

You can visit our new tax exempt bag by clicking here!



Customer of the week 21.08.15

This week we’re looking at a brilliant client Operation Sabre, a charity that helps raise money to buy, refurbish and donate to fire engines in Eastern European towns that can’t afford vital rescue equipment and trucks to help save lives in their smaller towns.

Operation Sabre was founded by Malcolm Price and is run by retired/serving volunteers from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Services. Along with the great work they do to raise funds to donate Dennis fire engines they also help renovate the stations and care homes for locals in the town. You can see on the pictures below they also donated toys to local children & clothing to the local care homes.

To give you a great perspective of the importance of what Sabre do take a look at some of the pictures from their missions along with videos from a recent donation.

We worked with Operation Sabre to provide printed mugs (which you can see donated on the images above) and we very much hope to work with this fantastic organisation again. You can find out more information and get all the latest news from their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter.

A video of the team leaving Regensburg on a mission with five trucks…


Customer of the week 15.07.15

Over the past four years we have worked with some very exciting and inspirational organisations and our most recent client A Soldiers Journey was no exception.

A Soldiers Journey was founded by Sgt. Rick Clement an Infantry Platoon Sergeant who served in Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. The organisations mission is to provide support and assistance to all service men and women & their families, who have been affected by injury or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

UntitledThe organisation has helped veterans get accommodation, starter pack bedding, food and all other life essentials to really help individuals get the best start at getting employment and stability. They have also raised £15,000 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers an organisation that supports children who have lost parents in the Armed Forces. Funded The British Limbless Ex Servicemen’s Association with WIFI throughout their Blackpool care home. Raised £30,000 which was shared between BLESMA, The Soldiers Charity & SSAFA to provide vital equipment and this is to name just a few.

Founder Rick Clement talks about the day his life was thrown into turmoil on his website (click here) and states “It was on a routine foot patrol that I stepped on a pressure plate I.E.D. (Improvised explosive device). Thanks to the excellent training and quick thinking of my lads I was given emergency first aid and evacuated back to camp Bastion before being flown back to the UK. It was a miracle I even survived or rather a credit to all the medics from on the ground, the ones in the helicopter that picked me up and those back at camp Bastion.


Rick runs the website a-soldiers-journey.co.uk which not only gives lots of insight into the organisation but also allows people to make charitable donations and order great gifts from their on-line shop. This is where ukprintprice came in and provided printed mugs and champaign glasses for A Soldiers Journey to sell on-line.

You can make a £2 donation to A Soldiers Journey by sending a text with ‘HERO34’ to 70070.


Customer of the week 28.04.15

On Friday 27th March Asmech Systems celebrated 20 years of business at their brand new premises based in Mansfield. We have worked with Asmech Systems on a number of occasions before for printed products and decided to go and visit their site to celebrate their 20 years of success.

To help promote their business we printed products such as flyers, travel mugs & USB’s to be handed out on the day.


Asmech Systems are the UK’s leading supplier for Conveyor machinery, Elevators & Lowerators, Palletisers to name just a few.

Established in 1995 Asmech began creating bespoke conveyor and handling systems for the dairy and blow moulding sector, and are now a major supplier to some of the world’s leading corporations.

“We are a fully integrated company in that we design, engineer, manufacture, install and service our entire product range. This allows us to bring our customers a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience along with the personal touch of quick and effective problem solving for all their automation and materials handling requirements.

 Asmech can offer a comprehensive range of equipment to provide complete automated turnkey materials handling systems. Incorporating design, installation and commissioning.

 We also incorporate full project management to co-ordinate our mechanical and electrical installation teams in-line with the customers overall project program.”

When we popped down to visit Asmech for their event to see what technology they had on display and were blown away by the innovation in house.


To demonstrate their products they had a new form of virtual reality technology called The Oculus Rift. This device (demonstrated above by our very own Tyrone) is currently only available to developers creating new and innovative virtual reality solutions. As a part of their demo they had a virtual warehouse with one of their conveyor machines places in the centre of the room. Once inside the virtual room you could look around the machine in virtual reality and even place your head inside the machine to see all of the moving compartments and how they operate.


This level of forward thinking and innovation could be seen with all the products on display and it was a fully enjoyable visit, not to mention the crazy golf they also had on for guests to have a play at.

golfIf you’d like to find out more about how ukprintprice.com can help promote your business to new and existing customers or if you’d like a quote for any of our promotional products please contact our friendly sales team on 0344 8099 363

To find out more about Asmech systems you can visit their website, click here!

Customer of the week 15.01.15

Working with unique and interesting brands is what we love most here at ukprintprice and we’ve been very fortunate to work with some of the UK’s largest. A memorable company we worked with called Bob’s Business was certainly one of our favourites when it came to a great and memorable brand. Bob’s business offers eLearning for SME’s focussed around internet security. They contacted us last year for some printed mugs and we’ve loved the Bob character ever since here in our office. We spoke to Eleanore the marketing manager over at Bob’s business to find out more about their unique company.


Bob’s Business are an information security eLearning provider. We have a single goal in mind; to make the human firewall as strong and secure as possible! We help many SME’s, local authorities and charitable organisations achieve this goal through our unique, animated character set which features Bob and his team (hence the company name).


Animation is a great way of learning, as we’ve proved through our engagement figures reaching above 90%, unlike traditional methods which only engage 10-15% of the users. Our lighthearted modules are designed to be fun but informative, and are proven to change the behavior culture within an organisation, which is a cost effective why our clients continue to purchase our modules!


 We give the mugs to our clients as part of an ’employee engagement toolkit’ which is used to reinforce the messages taught in the modules, which results in the culture change within an organisation. The toolkit also includes coasters, mouse mats, pens, posters, screen savers, calendars etc. We find that the promotional materials work as a reinforcement tool as they give polite reminders to the user when need it most. We also give mugs out at exhibitions such as infosec. (Photo attached)

Throughout 2014 we have met some exciting milestones – we have branched out overseas with clients in Australasia, with a view to translate our modules to meet demand in Europe. We have also doubled our team and turnover! In 2015 we have plans to create new modules, enter new markets such as child internet safety and develop our product to branch out into the financial / law sector.

You can learn more about Bobs Business by clicking here!

ukprintprice.com specialise promotional printed items and can print your company brand on to a wide range of promotional gifts not just great mugs like Bob’s Business took advantage of.

If you’d like to have a chat with our sales team to discuss how we can help your brand reach a wider audience call us on : 0344 8099 363

Customer of the week 28.11.14

Our sales team were recently contacted by one of the worlds oldest and most experienced saw manufacturers Schelling that have been operating since 1917. Schelling UK opened their doors in June 1989 and to celebrate 25 years in the UK market and a new location in Wetherby, they wanted some great promotional products and printed goods to celebrate their success.

Markus Freuis, Schelling (UK) managing director said, “We look forward to welcoming customers and visitors to our new location in Wetherby. Throughout the open days we’ll have several machine demonstrations.”


Our sales team worked with Schelling to get the products just right for the open day and we ended up supplying a great range of cups & saucers, mugs and keyrings.

Schelling’s new 22,000 square ft premises at Osborne house in Wetherby, West Yorkshire will allow Schelling to continue to deliver excellent service to the industries it covers and the new building will provide room to show and demonstrate new and used working machines for all industries.

Schelling are a fantastic company to work with and ukprintprice.com look forward to supplying great products again in the future.

You can contact Schelling (UK) on 01937 586340 for further details.


Ad-Loop Printed Key Rings

If you’re looking for a promotional item that will stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with a promotional keyring. I even have a keyring from an event I attended three years ago that I still carry around every day!

These cost effective high quality promotional items are a crowd pleaser and work great as a free give-away at events.

Fast lead times and prices from only 23p what’s not to like? Full range, here!



Short Run Express – Twist Handle Bags

We are now able to offer short run express printing on our twist handle bag range with prices starting from only 0.31p based on an order of 5,000 prints with black print.

The twist handle bag has been a popular solution for many exhibiters, trade shows and events for many years as it offers a high quality yet cost effective packaging solution. Recently this easy to recycle product has also grown in popularity for environmentally aware organisations wanting to lower their carbon footprint and be socially aware by offering their customers the opportunity to recycle their packaging.

We were recently contacted by O2 Academy Sheffield, a live music venue based in the heart of Sheffield to supply their twist handled paper bags (see image below). These will be distributed to music revellers enjoying live bands that purchase merchandise from their shops along with in house promotions.

printed-paper-twist-bags (2)

The venue has a 2,350 capacity auditorium and the venue benefited from a £3.5m development back in 2008 when the premises was acquired by The Academy Music Group.


This client along with many others will have the added benefit of their branding clearly printed across a large print area available on this product that gets plenty of exposure from customers as it is easily visible to many more potential clients passing by.

Our express twist handles come in the following sizes and the print area can have a total of four colours printed.


To view the range click here.

Little Bears making a BIG difference

Selecting the right product to help promote your business can be a tricky task. Ensuring you select the best product that people are going to want to keep, that also allows your brand to be displayed clearly and at the right cost price may seem like a daunting task. What if you could do this but actually make money from your promotional items, what if your promotional item was cherished for years to come?

Many organisations are now turning to high quality gift items that can be easily branded and sold at a premium to maximise on brand awareness and return on investment. Promotional Teddy Bears are often a perfect fit for this strategy.


One well known company that decided to use this strategy was The Royal Mail who now sell the Harry Teddy Bear via their E-Commerce site with a reasonable margin. You can view our Harry Bear, here!

Another fantastic organisation is the new charitable start-up Equal World which is the world’s first charitable shopping channel selling a wide range of gift items ranging from luxury watches to Bracken Bears with all profits going to worthy causes around the world. A new but fast growing organisation with great Entrepreneurs such as Gems TV Steve Bennett and Sir Richard Branson support. You can watch the show live on SKY 662 or Live, here!


Our promotional bears start at only £1.15 (RRP £4.99) for Tubby Bears or £10.11 (RRP £19.99) for our Bracken Bears. The printed bear range come with a number of options including additional accessories such as T-Shirts and party sashes and can be printed up to four colours depending on the item. Click here to view our full range.





Halloween – UK’s GROWTH retail event

Over the past few years Halloween has been growing in popularity in the UK and has steadily overtaken Bonfire night. This is rather impressive considering Halloween is generally seen as an American holiday that has only started to take off in the UK over the past decade.

However when you compare the retail value of Halloween against a more traditional British event such as Bonfire night you can see how for a business Halloween can bring in far more footfall and paying customers. A Halloween consumer would look to purchase costumes, sweets, decorations, movies and props as opposed to fireworks and mushy peas purchased for bonfires. Even with fireworks many shoppers are leaving it to the professionals and going to a much larger fireworks display for better value.


Halloween is estimated to be worth £300m in the UK and behind Christmas and Easter is one of Asda’s biggest sales events (Guardian. 2013) so you have to ask yourself the question, “what am I doing to attract new customers this Halloween?”

For retailers having a prominent Halloween display could attract far more business for eager shoppers looking for a Halloween bargain. We have an impressive range of promotional items that could be used to promote your business this Halloween, including printed balloons, chocolates & sweets, mugs, stress relievers and a popular item this time of year, the logo bugs.

If you are looking to promote your event or business during Halloween or perhaps you’re extremely organised and are planning promotional items for Christmas 2014 get in touch with our sales team to discuss how we may be able to help on 0344 8099 363

Le Tour Yorkshire 2014

We have a great local business success story this week with a fantastic local shop called Frankie & Johnny’s Cookshop. The owners Frankie & Johnny (of course) contacted ukprintprice.com wanting to get some printed mugs to celebrate the Tour passing their village shop.

Frankie & Johnny’s Cookshop is located on a bustling road called Bishy Rd (Bishopthorpe Road) that is made up of many great shops and businesses located in York. We contacted Frankie to find out a little more about the community and the event…

I run a cookware shop in York, just outside the city centre on a very special street called Bishopthorpe Road. Sixty members make up the Bishy road Traders Association (with Frankie being the secretary). The biggest news recently, The Tour de France came down our Street on Sunday morning, and we won  ‘Best Dressed Tour de Yorkshire Urban community’ 


We sold 400 lovely yellow mugs in 3 weeks, 100 of them in 2 hours at the street party.  I would definitely use ukprintprice.com again – one of the most efficient and communicative companies I have ever dealt with, Thank you!

Since writing this post Frankie has got bag in touch with ukprintprice and has made a re-order for their great collectable mugs. We wish you the best of luck with your next batch Frankie & Johnny and thanks for taking the time to speak with ukprintprice.com


Customer of the week 16.06.14

We work with some really fascinating companies and organisations here at ukprintprice.com and this weeks customer of the week is no exception. The RYA Push he Boat Out which is a national weekend of sailing and windsurfing with open days that taking place across the country encourages people to go to their local sailing clubs for a bit of sailing fun.

Our customer of the week is Girton Sailing Club who contacted us to whip up some great printed caps for their event (see images below). They are located in North Nottinghamshire and have the pleasure of running a 100 acre lake. Girton SC offer great training for any one wanting to learn how to sail and more can be found out about their training by clicking here!

You can also find out more about the RYA Push the boat out event to find an event near you by clicking here!


What’s on in June

Can you believe we are almost half way through 2014 already? Where has the time gone, before we know if Tesco’s will have the Christmas aisle set up selling mince pies that expire in November. Any way I’m getting slightly ahead of myself, June is a great month with lots of fantastic events kicking off, get it, kicking off! That’s right The World Cup starts on the 12th June along with the U.S Open and Wimbledon.

Remember to be planning your promotional marketing months in advance to ensure you get your items printed well ahead of schedule to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Events such as these especially the World Cup are great ways of joining in on the exciting and gaining new customers that revel in the fun of a world wide event.

Here is our list for June :

  • Trooping the colour 14th
  • Fathers Day 15th
  • Fifa World Cup 12th
  • Golf : US Open 12th
  • Tennis : Wimbledon 23rd
  • Health & Safety Expo 17th
  • NEC: BBC Gardeners World 11th
  • NEC: BBC Good Food 12th
  • If you’d like to discover the best ways to promote your business or are struggling with your marketing strategy feel free to get in touch with our very own marketing manager for free friendly advice. Email info@ukprintprice.com

    For more information you can view our Google+ account ukprintprice.com

    Driving more business from Football?

    With the World Cup just around the corner (Thursday, June 12th) bars around the country are gearing up for what is expected to be an extremely profitable summer. With the first match kicking off at 9.00pm (Brazil V Croatia) and the first England match kicking off on a Saturday you can bet your left sock that bars and pubs across the country will be packed to the rafters with excited punters eagerly waiting for that first whistle to blow.

    Now this is all very well and good if you own a bar or nightclub but what about us mere mortals that don’t own a bar or night club, how can we profit from such a great and exciting event such as the World Cup or any sporting event for that matter?

    Well the good news is just about anyone can join in with the fun and promote their business you just have to get a little creative in how you do it. Here’s a few tips that anyone can do to help drive more sales and increase your current customer base.

    E-mail marketing

    This should be the foundation to any solid marketing strategy and is a really effective and affordable way to promote your products or services to a large amount of your customers in one day. We recently created an email campaign and sent it out to our discount club members (you can sign up on the home page) with an offer for promotional items to help drive sales for business owners.

    worldcup promo

    To build up your ‘list’ the most effective way is to put an email capture form on your site that requires your customer to opt-in to receive promotions from you. You can then send monthly emails with ‘flash sales’ or marketing campaigns that may reflect current events such as The World Cup or perhaps Christmas. There is an abundance of information online about email marketing and you can start today by creating a free account with an email marketing website such as MailChimp.com. Of course when sending an email like this you can also add a little extra incentive with something like a branded pen or perhaps a branded football if you customers spend over a certain amount of money.

    Print marketing

    Another great way of driving footfall into your business (especially if you’re a high-street retailer) is by creating quality sales flyers that can be handed out by sales or promotions staff or even distributed across particular areas of town that you’re targeting. Give the design a football theme or how about offering a discount for customers who show up at your shop/café/accountants with a football shirt on? Think outside the box with this type of marketing and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

    Promotional Gifts

    Of course you could always purchase some great promotional gear (wink wink, nudge nudge!) With handing out promotional pens with your logo and something along the lines of “England to win 2014” it keeps your company logo and website in front of your clients for longer and makes it more likely that they will remember you the next time they need to purchase. We offer a great range of hand clappers, printed footballs, feather flags and even mugs that can be used to promote your business in line with not only the world cup but other great events that are happening across the country throughout the year.


    If you would like to discuss how ukprintprice.com can help your business grow through effective promotional marketing feel free to get in touch with our very own marketing manager by emailing info@ukprintprice.com his names Richard and he would be more than happy to help.

    For more information you can view our Google+ account ukprintprice.com

    Customer of the week!

    This week we have a great company that has been running for almost 70 years and are still expanding across the UK. Our client Andrews Estate Agents have grown to become one of the UK’s fastest growing residential and commercial property specialists in the South of England.

    They have over 80 high street sales and letting branches, an interactive website and a major presence on all the prime online property portals.

    We spoke to Lottie over at the head office who said…

    “We’re rapidly expanding; we’ve already opened two new branches this year – one in Quedgeley and one in Brockworth. Our traditional values of honesty and integrity are combined with the latest technological advances to provide our customers with the finest personal service.”

    Andrews approached ukprintprice to have promotional key-rings printed to hand out to their new home owners across the country.

    andrews online

    You can learn more about Andrews online by visiting the following links…

    Website : andrewsonline.co.uk

    Twitter : @andrewsonline

    Facebook : facebook.com/andrewsonline

    Customer of the week – 30.04.2014

    This weeks customer of the week is an amazing wedding and event venue called Marleybrook House nestled in the beautiful town of Canterbury.

    Run and owned by husband & wife Janie & Kris their beautiful 17th century house has a unique charm from Kris’s lifetime collection of museum pieces. Their website states…

    “Our love of the outdoors is reflected in the rustic Kentish charm of Marleybrook House evoking nostalgia and childhood memories on a warm summer’s day. However, we like the more refined side of life too! This is reflected in the attention to detail and refinement in all aspects of our venue.”

    We were pleased to deliver some great rope handle carriers for Kris and Janie and they were kind enough to send over this fantastic image from a recent photo shoot of their venue with our printed carrier included.


    What’s on this month

    Spring is upon us and the nights are getting lighter the trees are starting to bloom and people are getting out their shorts ready for the chance of a sunny weekend. Along with all the positives of spring in April there are also a number of great events on over the coming weeks. Here is your list of this months events and holidays worth checking out and preparing for to promote your brand and business.

    National Holidays 

    • Good Friday 18th April
    • Easter Monday 21st April
    • St Georges Day 23rd April

    Sporting Events

    • Cricket: ICC World Twenty 1-20th
    • Horse Racing: Grand National 5th
    • Golf: Masters 10-13th
    • Snooker: World Championships


    • Property Investors & Home buyer Show 11-12th
    • Hotelympia 28th April – 1st May
    • Sustainability Live 1-3rd April
    • Commercial Vehicle Show 29 – May 1st
    • Sign & Digital UK 29th – May 1st

    Keep posted this week as we have a number of promotional discount codes that we will be sending out on our discount club email. You can sign up to this via the front page simply enter your email and you’re signed up!

    February Promotional Update

    We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of footage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and you may have noticed that we’ve had our first gold of the year from Elizabeth Yarnold who won gold on the women’s skeleton.

    Other great events that are on in February are through to March are as follows:


    • Baby Show / Work & Family Show 21-23rd February
    • Professional Beauty London 23-24th February
    • BVE (Broadcast Technology) 25-27th February
    • Cloud Expo Europe 26-27th February
    • National Franchise Expo – 14-15th February
    • Moda (Fashion) 16-18th February
    • BETA International (Equestrian/Petcare) 16-18th February
    • Packaging Innovations 26-27th February


    • Winter Olympics 7-23rd February
    • Winter Paralympics 7-16th March
    • Cycling: Track Championships 26th February – 2nd March
    • Rugby: Six Nations
    • World Tennis Day 3rd March


    • St David’s Day (Wales) 1st March
    • Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day) 4th March
    • St Patrick’s Day 17th March

    For many businesses these great events are a brilliant opportunities to promote your brand to new and existing customers. We have a great range of branded merchandise available for exhibitions such as mugs, carrier bags and pens for give-aways.

    If you have any questions on how you can best promote your business and brand please get in touch with our friendly sales team, 0844 80 99 363 

    January Promotional Update

    Can you believe we are already half way through January already, time certainly does fly by fast!

    With 2014 being such a big year for events not only in the UK but also across the globe it’s important to plan your promotional campaigns in advance to ensure you cash in on the excitement and buzz created. 2014 brings great sporting events such as The Winter Olympics & Paralympics, FIFA World Cup and The Ryder Cup. National events such as Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s day and Halloween and fantastic exhibitions like Chelsea Flower Show, The Gadget show and BBC Good Food show.

    Each month ukprintprice.com will keep you up to date with the latest upcoming events to keep you ahead of the promotional game and effectively plan your marketing strategy. You can keep up to date by either bookmarking our blog, liking us on Facebook or subscribing to our monthly discounts newsletter.

    What’s on in January:

    • 25th January – Burns Night (Marks the annual celebration of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns.)
    • 26th January – Australia Day (Marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Sydney Cove.
    • 31st January – Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)

    For ideas on how to best promote your business feel free to contact one of our helpful sales representatives on 0844 8099 363

    printed carrier bags

    Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

    Promotional items are usually the first medium many people get to experience your brand or company message. If you’re looking to promote and brand your company with a positive and socially aware message, eco-friendly promotional products could be the way to go.

    Receiving a recycled, organic, biodegradable or Fairtrade promotional products with your company brand says many things about your organisation to new and potential customers. It not only shows you value your customers but that you also have a great sense of social responsibility that goes way beyond the bottom line. Your customer’s view of your company may be enhanced and therefore the recipient may often retain that gift longer giving you better exposure of your company details to the recipient and their colleagues.

    Here are just a few items the UKPrintPrice.com offer within our Eco Friendly promotional goods section.

    • Eco Clocks – Solar Powered and Water Powered desk clocks are a great novel way to get your branding and contact details on your customer’s desk 24/7. A useful item like this isn’t going to need much maintenance such as battery changes and is something that many people will want to keep for a long time as it’s extremely useful.
    • Memo Blocks – These handy little items can be found in almost every office in the UK and get passed around more than a tin of biscuits in the office. A great affordable product that can be easily branded.
    • Note Pads – Another useful tool that can be handed out at conferences and shows. UKPrintPrice.com has a great range of A4 and A6 sizes.
    • Pens & Pencils – Our wide range of Eco Pens offer such things as, highlighter pens, Albero pens, Avon recycled pen, biodegradable pens and even our novel tyre pens.
    • Bags – Our popular Tote Bag range is a must have item with many retailers using them as a fashionable must have item with fantastic personalised designs. You can view a recent blog post on making the most from promotional carrier bags, here.
    • Mugs – Our Eco Mugs are made from break resistant recycled plastics available in blue, graphite or red. You can have our eco mugs printed with either one or two colours.
    • Coasters – These popular gifts come in handy in the office and as a cheap promotional item actually last a long time promoting your business directly in front of your customers.
    • Mini Grow Kits – A personal favourite of UKPrintPrice.com, the Green & Good Tiny Terracotta cubes with a mini terracotta pot, soil and plant seeds is a great novel promotional product that will be a popular item for many.

    You can view our full range of promotional items here.

    Remember when using green promotional items to make them more useful and relevant to prevent waste and to ensure a better return on your overall investment in your eco-gifts.

    If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with our helpful sales team on 0844 8099 363.

    Five Ways to Use Printed Carrier Bags

    Printed carrier bags can offer many benefits to your business and may benefit your business in different ways depending on the industry you’re in and your target market. Using printed bags is a cost effective and flexible marketing tool that works well for brands and branding companies, retail, charity, online business and even service business to name just a few.

    Before running a promotional campaign and using your printed bags you need to look at your business goals, are they to increase your sales revenue, brand awareness, customer loyalty or to promote a cause or charity you support.

    Here’s how promotional bags can help you achieve your business goals:

    1. Printed Carrier Bags as Gifts

    This method works particularly well if you have a brand awareness marketing goal in mind, for example if your business is celebrating a particular milestone such as a birthday you should shout about this achievement, letting your customers share in your success whilst allowing them to help your business grow at the same time. Giving away free goody bags at trade shows and events or giving them alongside sales will increase your brand awareness but also encourage that person to re-visit your shop/website/business again.

    Using printed carrier bags may also be a clever way of up-selling to a customer. For example if you’re giving away your printed carrier bag to any customer that spends over an amount say, £20. If their total spend is £15 you could do an easy up-sell to them to get your free bag by spending a little more.

    2. Sell a ‘bag for life’ instead of using your current printed plastic bags

    Providing reusable printed bags is an effective way for you to be in front of your customer more often. It also puts you in front of your customer’s friends and family or even colleagues that will most likely have very similar interests. Retailers are realising more than ever the potential for selling printed bags for life is a quick and easy sale, this is thanks to the popular increase in supermarkets pushing the sale of these items to save money on free bags and to show they are socially responsible.

    3. Create a range of design-led reusable printed bags

    Many retailers both on the high street and on-line are creating desirable designer reusable bags and bags for life to their product range. Shopping bags such as tote bags are a popular and fashionable item that many people like to use on a daily basis, just think how many you have/use on a daily basis.

    If you’re not great at designs it’s easy to find affordable freelance designers on sites such as Elance and Freelancer that can create an original design based on your specification that can easily translate to not only promotional tote bags but also other promotional items that can be re-sold.

    4. Using promotional bags to raise awareness

    Promotional bags are great marketing tools for business but they can also raise awareness for charities and other worthy causes that you may be associated with.

    Using printed carrier bags to raise awareness if you’re a charity is not only a great marketing tool but also could be another revenue stream to raise additional funds. Along with this you could also consider other creative ways to use other promotional tools to raise awareness of charitable and social messages. You can do this with website addresses and even links to sites such as Just Giving that will give residual income from just one tote bag that may be seen by 1,000’s of people.

    5. Using a promotional bag to advertise your business and create brand advocates

    If one of your concerns with your current marketing efforts are that things such as flyers and leaflets are being simply discarded you can be rest assured that a promotional tote bag will be re-used time and time again. Every time the item is being re-used it acts as a walking advertisement to advertise your products, business, brand or cause. Just think of having 100’s of business advocates promoting your business every day.

    To view our printed carrier bag range please click here

    If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with our helpful sales team on 0844 8099 363.


    5 Ways to Increase Your Sales With Promotional Items

    Promotional items are a great way to promote your company to new and existing customers, keeping your brand and contact details on your customer’s desk at all times through products such as printed pens and mugs, but how do you know it’s worth the initial cost?

    UKPrintPrice.com have developed the 5C’s to easily manage a promotional product you give out to your customers. By following these easy steps, you will be able to increase the number of enquiries from a promotional campaign, track enquiries and even work out how many converted into sales.

    What are the 5C’s?

    The five C’s are made up of the following…

    • Clear Message
    • Call to Action
    • Codes & Offers
    • Contact Details
    • Conversions

    Now you may be asking yourself, “How do I get those details on a promotional pen?” Well the answer is, you don’t. You have to be a little creative but all of the above can be achieved at no additional cost to your initial promotional items cost or from a little help from a web developer. Let’s start with ‘clear message’, these are the details you put on your promotional item. This may be your website address or telephone number and depending on the promotional item you use, you may have to think how you want to best display this information. For example if you’re ordering a promotional pen or promotional pencil you don’t want to be printing your logo, business address, email and telephone number on the item, it’s going to be too small and it’s not going to grab the attention of your potential customer. You want your contact details and logo to jump off the item, something that your customer is going to be subconsciously seeing on a daily basis for when they’re ready to buy from you, here is a good example…

    Printed Promotional Pen

    Full Colour Printed Pen

    For the purpose of the 5C’s method of tracking and converting enquiries into sales we recommend using a website address to direct enquiries, but if this is unavailable you can use a telephone number for some of the methods. You can see on the example image that our website is clear and concise, we still have our branding included (if you can’t use your entire logo use similar colours on text or item colour) and someone using this pen will know exactly where to go should they need to make a purchase or get more contact details.

    Now your potential customer has your contact details, or in this case your website we need to create a call to action which is our second C, so we want them to make an enquiry with you. This can be done in a number of ways so be creative, for this example we’re going to put our call to action on the back of the pen…

    Printed Pen

    Printed Promotional Pen

     This message will encourage your customers to visit the site on the pen as they know they are more likely to get a better price, offer or discount by visiting this address, you could even print a discount code directly on to the pen. Remember we’re using a promotional pen as an example, you could easily do the same on promotional mugs, printed lanyards or even umbrellas (check out our site for our full range of promotional items) the benefit of items such as an umbrella is more people will see your website address when your customer is out and about using it.

    The third C is ‘Codes’ this is an important part of the 5C’s because everyone likes a good offer, because of this you will find that your offer codes may be shared with other businesses or even online business forums that discuss the best offers (pro tip: create an offer and post it yourself in online forums). This way you can track how many sales you get from each promotional campaign you run. With your clients sharing your codes it’s almost like they’re an ambassador for your business spreading the word of your fantastic products and services.

    Fourth C, ‘Contact Details’ this is where we tie all of our efforts together to understand how many people are using the promotional item to get in touch with you and place an order. There are a number of ways we can use contact details to get the best results and track our efforts. The first is our web address, these days setting up a website is a lot more affordable than it used to be and registering a domain name can be done for around £5. When putting your domain name (website address) on your promotional item think about ways that you can use this to track your promotional efforts. For example, if you’re an accountant and your main web address is ‘SmithsAccountants.com’ on your promotional items you could place the domain ‘SmithsAccountants.com/offers’ or register a new name just for your promotional campaign such as, ‘SmithsAccountants.net’ this way we know everyone who visits this web address is likely to becoming from our promotional campaign. You can also set up Google Analytics to track the amount of traffic you’re getting to the site, this is free to do and your web designer will know how to do it (we will be writing an article on Google Analytics soon so bookmark our blog). If you don’t have a website there are methods you can use to track calls you’re receiving or an affordable alternative would be to buy a pay as you go SIM that is only used for your promotional campaigns. It is also important to set up a new email address for tracking enquiries, for example if your usual email is info@smithsaccountants.com  you could set up sales@smithsaccountants.com.

    Finally the fifth C, ‘Conversions’ this is an important part of the whole process as it allows you to see how successful your promotional campaign was and what areas to tweak or test on your next promotional campaign. By keeping a record of how many people used your promotional code you can see exactly how many sales your promotional campaign generated for you and what type return you received on your promotional campaign. As we know how many promotional pens we originally gave out and we can easily track what sales we received we can work out a conversion rate, this allows us to set a benchmark for your next campaign.

    The biggest mistake many people make when running a promotional campaign is not having a method of tracking enquiries or sales from these items, using these methods will give you valuable data you can use to see what ROI you’re getting from your promotional pens, mugs, umbrellas or whatever you decide to use.

    For our full range of promotional products please click here.

    If you have any questions relating to making your first promotional item order please feel free to get in touch with our helpful sales team on 0844 8099 363.

    July Giveaway

    We are giving away this gorgeous set of Bath Lollies to one lucky customer. Like and share our facebook page so that all your friends are in with a chance to receive this fabulous gift. Make sure you all enter your email addresses on the home page of ukprintprice.com in the discount code pop-up box, so that we can contact you. You will also receive a 10% discount code for use on your first order. The lucky recipient of the gift will be announced on facebook on Thursday 1st August.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    The Updated Site Has Now Gone Live!

    The all new www.ukprintprice.com site has gone live today with more new products and better functionality. We’ve reduced all our prices on core product groups such as printed mugs and printed carrier bags. Where possible, we’ve also reduced the minimum order quantities. In total there are now over 6000 promotional gifts and printed business products. It’s taken over 4 months to update the site and all products now clearly display accurate prices and volume discounts. Customers requiring a quick price can visit the site and quickly compare prices from a vast range of printed products. Not only this but we’ve added 3D proofing to the better selling lines so customers can upload their logo and see it actually positioned on the selected product. If they want to move their logo up or down on the product or from side to side this is also possible with the online 3D tools. With this latest 3D technology they can even add text or slogans and spin the product 360 degress.

    Import Tax Legislation on Ceramics

    Despite opposition from many of the members of the EU a provisional additional duty was imposed on all ceramics arriving in the EU from China from November 15th 2012. The definitive duty will be set by 15th May 2013.

    The duties are the result of a nine-month investigation by the commission into claims that Chinese producers are selling ceramics into the EU at artificially low prices. In volume terms 80% of all the EU’s ceramic tableware comes from China and the Commission feels that the imports are crowding out domestic products. Importers argue that the extra duties will mean they will only begin sourcing from alternative overseas countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam.
    The knock on effect is increased prices on ceramics for everyone, whether you are buying on the high street or purchasing promotional mugs for your company. As the mugs we supply to you are manufactured in China, it is with regret that this tax has led to an inevitable price increase on our earthenware and bone china mugs. Please be assured that as always we will try our hardest to keep your promotional mugs as affordable as possible.
    If you need any further information please feel free to call us on 0844 8099 363.

    Keep Calm Christmas is Nearly Here!

    It’s officially the start of Christmas in the ukprintprice office. The girls have donned their Christmas jumpers in a bid to get in the festive spirit. Yes November and December have been manic but hopefully a few weeks of calm will prevail. Are you wearing your Christmas jumper? Please post a pic to our facebook page to help us keep up the Christmas Cheer. nb. note the eye candy on the top of the tree!

    Definitely A Week of Printed Mugs…

    As I stand in the queue at our local Royal Mail hub for the second time this week, I reflect on what a long week it’s been. I’m glad it’s Friday and it’s definitely been a week that’s been very ‘mug based’. I’m stood ten deep carrying a box which is far too big and way too heavy. It’s filled to the brim with smaller boxes containing ukprintprice printed mugs. In the past few weeks I’ve posted just over 1200 free mugs to new ukprintprice customers. This is the last mug run for September.  The bulk of the people in the queue are collecting mail that requires a signature or additional postage cost. I see the relief on the lady’s face behind the glass screen as she realises they are already pre-franked. I then also see her annoyance that the box is way too big to squeeze through the small glass screen over the counter and that she has got to get up to unlock the side door!
    We know there are cheaper ways of reminding our customers of our site. We could send an email shot that costs only a few hundred pounds. But we also know from experience that printed mugs with a bold brand or message included do stand the test of time. You can delete an email but a mug really does offer an incredibly effective way of getting into the marketing and purchasing departments of hundreds of companies. While pens or cheap plastic key rings can end up in the bin, I’ve never seen a new mug get thrown out. I dread to think how many cups of coffee I have in an average week but I’m probably no different than any of our customers. 5 cups per day means 25 per week. That repeated brand message is subtle yet very effective. At ukprintprice it’s a busy environment with a lot of staff and we operate from quite a large open-plan sales office. While it’s not a coffee shop, it does seem like somebody has always got the kettle on!
    Using promotional mugs is also our way of showing genuine confidence in our product. Promotional gifts that are well presented work – it’s that simple. Everybody that makes a purchase from ukprintprice will receive a free printed mug and as a result our brand is in the offices of literally thousands of companies all over the UK. The effectiveness of this is easy to gauge by the number of repeat orders we get. It’s obviously not just down to the free mugs! But I can’t help but think it does contribute to repeat business.
    As well as posting a comical amount of mugs this week, I have also visited the largest mug manufacturer in the UK. We deal with all the large mug manufacturers both in the UK and abroad. Recently though we’ve been trying to group our considerable spend and give this particular factory as much work as we can. The really big benefit for us is that they are literally just down the road from our sales office. If we need samples it’s easy. Or, if a particular job has a very tight lead time we can always send one of our lorries down the road to collect the pallet of mugs. It really is a massive bonus having this trade only supplier of printed Ceramic, Glassware and Plastic Mugs on our doorstep. While printed mugs are one of our best selling promotional products and we sell many thousands of them every month, this factory really is in the big league when it comes to producing mugs in volume. They deal with a lot of promotional companies such as ourselves, but they also deal directly with leading retailers. They see a massive lift in sales when there is a special event such as the Olympics or the Diamond Jubilee. They also have a highly skilled workforce. Most production is based around the latest mug technology but they also have members of staff that have been with them a long time and when you see them at work painting parts of the mugs with gold or some special effect that needs to be done by human hand, you really begin to appreciate what a real skill quality mug manufacturing is. These decorative handle finishes add a touch of class and elegance to bone china or glass.
    I wanted to get my head around all the different production methods. Our Sales team really know the difference between direct screen printing and dye sublimation but that’s because they are liaising with the factory every day and are viewing many different types of customers artwork. I also wanted to discuss with their Directors their understanding of the personalisation market. ukprintprice is very successful at dealing directly with business customers with promotional requirements but the nature of B2B sales is that most orders are placed during office hours with few orders being placed in the evening or at weekends.
    The personalisation market is now very big business in the States and major high street players such as Asda and WH Smiths are getting involved in the UK. The downside of the personalisation market is that order values are low when compared to the average Business promotional order. However, when you look at the Moonpigs of this world you have to salute their success in dealing with this volume of orders. The top and bottom of it is that there are high seasonal order volumes at Mothers Day, Valentines Day and Christmas, combined with relatively low order values for personalised B2C orders. The Internet companies which are doing well have invested heavily in online proofing technology and automatic placing and managing of orders via manufacturing sites (day and night) to ensure a speedy delivery service to the consumer. Hmm I thought – now that sounds interesting…..
    Richard Tyler
    Editor – ukprintprice.com

    You Did Say You ‘Wanted Them Big!’

    Special thanks this month to Rochdale Sixth Form College who gave us the order to print their PVC banners. We are doing more and more printed products for schools and colleges throughout the UK. This is obviously great for us and also for them because our years of commercial retail printing experience and consultative approach really seems to be showing them some tangable cost savings and brand benefits. When I looked at the Production board this morning we have orders in progress for printing annual prospectuses, printed banners, embroidered hoodies, leaflets, promotional pens and printed mugs.  All these are from schools, colleges and universities of all shapes and sizes from around the country. We’ve found that trade has become so busy that we’ve allocated one of our Senior external Sales Managers to visit them and advise on best printing practises and show them how to get most value from their marketing budget.
    It’s great that we’ve succesfully been able to take our wide range of printed and promotional products and add benefit to the educational sector. In the past month alone we have seen orders from over 40 new educational customers. We thank you for this continued support and I’ve listed some of these new customers below.
    Rochdale Sixth Form College were delighted with these digitally produced 4 colour polyester mesh pvc banners we produced for them.  We delivered these printed pvc banners on our express delivery service and turned them around in only a few days from receipt of artwork! Bearing in mind some of them are nearly 14 metres tall that’s a good turnaround but well worth it bearing in mind the benefit this promotion has for the College.
    In the short time since opening their doors, Rochdale Sixth Form College really has established themselves as ‘best in class.’ They are the only College in Rochdale to specialise in what most universities want and that’s A-Levels!  They offer 30 different A level subjects and also offer the flexibility to put together almost any combination. This combined with the fact that they are smaller than the average Collge means that they can provide more personal attention. The results speak for themselves with an incredible 99% pass rate! Congratulations indeed to all their students and of course their exceptional staff!
    We would like to thank all the schools, colleges and universities that have given us work during the past few months. You have joined the many hundreds of educational establishments that we supply each year. Whether we have printed your prospectus, banners, posters or helped you with your promotional products or embroidered clothing – welcome to ukprintprice.com, we hope you enjoy dealing with us and thank you all…
    Central Newcastle High School
    Queen Mary University of London
    University Cambridge
    Kings College London
    Lady Margaret School
    Cosley School
    Heron Pre-School
    Conlan School
    Soho Parish School
    Comber Grove School
    Bridge Water High School
    Yarn Field Primary School
    Falcom School
    Ravensbourne College
    Saltash School
    Burntwood School
    St.Maurices High School
    West Bridgeford School
    John Randall School
    Donnington Primary School
    Langfield Academy
    Gateway Primary School
    Hettons Lyons School
    Castle Douglas School
    Donnington School
    Tuxford Academy
    Harris Academy Greenwich
    Grace Day Nursery
    Littlebrook Nursey
    Wilberforce Sixth Form
    University of Roehampton
    Music for Schools Foundation
    Littleton Green Primary School
    Fosters School
    Challney High School foe Girls
    University of Birmingham
    University of Nottingham

    Well Done ukprintprice Ladies!

    Well done to the ukprintprice ladies who joined forces yesterday with the girls from ukpackaging.com to run Race for Life. The race took place at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire on Sunday 22nd July. You’ve got to take your hat off to them! They all got up early on a Sunday morning, got dressed for the occasion and helped each other get round the 5 Km course. Not only did they all finish the course but they also raised a substantial amount for a very worthy cause. Lets face it, if this event had been left to the gentlemen to organise, it might not have happened!


    Race for Life is the UK’s biggest fight against cancer and the largest woman-only fundraising event in the UK. Since Race for Life stated in 1994, an incredible six million participants have raised over £457 million, more than any other UK event series raising money to fund cancer research.

    Make the Most of Promotional Gifts

    What is a Promotional Gift?

    Promotional gifts are items of merchandise that are branded with your logo and used as part of your marketing campaigns. They are given away to promote your brand, your company or an important event for your company, such as a product launch or anniversary. The idea is to find new customers and keep your existing customer base and promotional gifts are particularly effective, repeatedly drawing attention to your logo during daily use. Promotional gifts provide potential customers with personal interaction as well as with free gifts. Customers benefit from receiving a promotional gift and you benefit because those customers become familiar with your brand, which increases the chance of repeat business. All companies, from multi-national to small can benefit from giving promotional items. A promotional gift makes a positive impression on the person receiving it and this message is reinforced every time the product is used.

    Promotional Products are used every day, several times a day. They are looked at, written with and worn. They can be used to generate leads, increase brand awareness, thank customers, boost traffic to your website or trade stand, introduce new products and services and motivate people. Promotional gifts often lead not only to sales but also to closer relationships between you and your customers or even within your own organisation.


    Which Promotional Gifts are Constant Winners?

    Useful promotional gifts are the ones likely to stay on your customers desk and multipurpose gifts have maximum impact and longevity. Try pens, mugs, mouse mats, calculator rulers and trolley coin keyrings. The more useful the item is the more likely it will be kept.



    Which promotional gifts are good for maximum exposure?

    Supply an umbrella, tote bag, thermal mug or sports bottle to ensure your item is taken out and about and seen by an even larger potential customer base.





    Which promotional item can I use to reward my best customers and employees?

    Reward your employees or your best customers with quality personalised gifts such as crystal awards and leather goods which will be cherished.



    We hope this item has given you something to think about.

    If you need help choosing your promotional items please call us on 0844 8099 363.


    April Showers Bring May Flowers

    We need these April downpours and so does your marketing campaign! It really is true that April showers are the required precursor to the beauty of May flowers. The average number of days rain falls in the UK is 198 per year. This makes the promotional umbrella the perfect gift for your clients. This is a powerful advertising vehicle. Everyone needs an umbrella. They are a gift rather than a giveaway, a product that will be used, carried around spreading your message and ensuring your logo is visible to countless others. The benefits of this walking advertisement make umbrellas worth every penny of your promotional spend.


    The umbrellas we offer are good quality, tried and tested models. Each have different features. Some can be customised more fully in terms of canopy colours and choice of handles. Call ukprintprice on 0844 8099 363 to get the best advice on the umbrella for you. Many of our umbrellas are made in the UK and available in just 2 weeks. We can provide visuals displaying your logo and information on the umbrella of your choice, to enable you to choose more easily.

    In the golf umbrellas range we have the popular Budget Golf through to fully storm proof styles: Spectrum™, FibreStorm, Bedford, Eclipse and more. Bestselling umbrellas also include the telescopic umbrellas: Supervent and Supermini and a selection of traditional walking styles. Take a look at the selection online or call us on 0844 8099 363.

    Bags of Promotional Ideas

    It’s officially time to spring clean. If you work in retail you’ve probably been giving the shop a spring clean, checking stocks and preparing for the season ahead with renewed vigour. If you’re in need of carrier bags we can print them for you with your business name on one or both sides. Just order on-line from our range of bags, email in your artwork and we will ensure you have enough carrier bags to ensure your business is promoted around town.


    If you are in charge of your corporate marketing it’s time to spring clean your promotions. Check how many pens, mugs and sticky notes you have left from last year. Do you have all your promotional items for that important conference, exhibition or just for the season ahead? If you need a key ring, a notepad or a pen, you probably need a bag to present it in.

    A promotional bag really does get your logo or message carried further. There is plenty of choice and most bags have a terrific print area to ensure your logo gets noticed. This month we focus on the inexpensive end of the bag range. The bags that are perfect giveaways.

    Carrier Bags

    Plastic carrier bags are the most cost effective bag for your retail business or exhibition giveaway. We supply varigauge, patch handle, flexiloop or duffle. The varigauge is the most cost effective. The duffle is lightweight and trendy, popular for sports clubs and sports themed giveaways.

    Paper Bags

    Paper carrier bags range from the paper tape handle or twist handle bags commonly used in cafes, food outlets and other retail outlets to the luxury rope handle bags which are often used by fashion retailers. The luxury rope handled bags are robust top quality laminated bags which are also popular as a promotional bag, useful for filling with items and brochures and using for exhibition giveaways.

    Cotton and Jute Bags

    Long handled or short handled, or even duffle style, cotton bags are available in natural or coloured material. Along with jute bags these are the bags which are basically bags for life and they are extremely popular. Gift a cotton or jute bag to ensure that your brand will be carried around for years to come.

    Non Woven Bags

    A superb range of economical sturdy bags available in a large range of colours, with and without a gusset. Non woven material is also known as polypropylene or pp and is generally manufactured from recycled fabrics and oil-based materials. The bags are tough but flexible and fully recyclable. Non woven bags are practical items which your customers will appreciate.

    Drawstring Rucksacks

    Available in nylon or non woven materials and in a terrific range of colours. Functional but fun, the drawstring rucksack is ideal for schools, colleges and sports clubs.

    Don’t be phased by the amount of choice in the bag world! If you need any help feel free to call us on 0844 8099 363.


    Thermal Mugs

    With the weather below freezing outside it is an ideal time to give your customers a useful and lasting gift. You’ve probably already given them an ice scraper – some of our ice scrapers sold out before Christmas! – the next step is a thermal mug. The ukprintprice girls have been using them inside the office to keep their coffee warm – it’s been that cold! Customers will use them in the car, at home and in the office so you are guaranteed maximum exposure for your brand. They are extremely popular in these hectic times as your customers rush from home, to the office, to meetings. They are durable so they won’t get broken if they are being sent out to customers. Thermal mugs become travelling billboards for your brand. The print area on a thermal mug is large so your company name and message will be extremely visible. We have robust plastic thermal mugs or stainless steel mugs. They are mug sized or traditional taller travel mugs. We have a vast range of colours to complement all logos. Take a look at the range on line or call us on 0844 8099 363 if you need help choosing!



    UK Print Discount Club Proves Popular 7th December

    Happy Christmas!

    There is a very good chance that if you’ve purchased from us before this year or have used our free instant online print estimating tools, you will have received a Christmas discount voucher from ourselves. It’s our way of saying thank you for your order, your enquiry or just your continued support and conversation!
    More discount vouchers will follow in the New Year as our email Discount Club has proven very popular both for ukprintprice.com customers and also our sister site ukpackaging.com. We see an instant jump in sales activity and our customers enjoy a substantial saving on the selected printed products. If you havent signed up yet, there is a sign up box on our home page!
    This month we’ve focused on discounting promotional printed product with many customers saying ‘thank you’ to their own clients. We’ve discounted the popular fast turn around promotional items such as pens, mugs and chocolates for any customers that have may left it a little late to place their order.

    In the New Year we will be be driving down costs again on office based printed products such as letterheads, order pads, continuous stationery and printed office envelopes. While trade is often brisk for many of our customers leading up to Christmas. In the first quarter of the New Year, they often reflect on budgets for the year ahead and these additional savings will be useful when reviewing their office print spend and requirements.  Our customers can then hopefully benefit from these office print savings throughout 2012.

    Calendar Sales Soar!

    Not surprisingly, October and November is a very busy time for calendar and diary manufacturers.  Fortunately we partner with a number of the larger manufacturers and offer a very wide product range of both Seasonal products as well as a free comprehensive image library for our calendars.

    As of Mid October, several of the factories are so busy they are now quoting a minimum of 4 weeks lead time.  We obviously always try our best each year to accommodate late orders but inevitably customers that dont commit to production until early December are often cutting it a bit fine. As well as the popular A3 and A4 wall calendars, we also supply slim wall calendars and a wide range of desk top calendars including options for smaller budgets as well as an executive range.  Another very popular option for Christmas promotional gifts are printed advent calendars containing our range of luxury milk chocolates.
    Chocolate Advent Calendars
    Orders for 24 and 25 door chocolate advent calendars can be placed until mid November because there is a 10 working day lead time. They contain luxury milk chocolates and offer an excellent marketing medium incorporating the ‘fun factor.’  Your company brand and message will be visible every day when included as part of your customers daily routine.
    The product shelf life on these popular confectionery edibles is twelve months with a miniumum order quantity of 100 units. The print method for the outer packaging is digital and our design team are always very happy to help you create your own bespoke confectionery product and transform it into something truly unforgettable. We commit ourselves to creating memorable goods, ideal for creative marketing campaigns and the perfect compliment to any promotional event. Customers can rest assured that our manufacturers comply with all EU food regulations and that all our confectionery products are traceable throughout the production process.

    More and More Mugs!

    We are having a fabulous month for promotional mugs here at ukprintprice.com, producing promotional mugs for everyone from construction and freight companies through to schools. The designs are all amazingly different, from straight forward promotional mugs with company name and phone number to printed mugs which are promotional gifts to thank people and remind them of an event (so they don’t forget you next year!).



    Screen printing is ideal for your straight forward promotional mugs, a promotional gift that will put your company name and number right in front of your customer. Screen printing is the most cost effective for promotional printed mugs and is ideal for simple designs on earthenware. Print an image usually in up to 4 colours within a given area directly onto the mug. If you want a quick turnaround for your promotional gifts then a screen printed promotional mug is ideal.


    If your promotional mug requires a more complex image, critical registration, full colour or a large surface area then you need to look at transfer printed promotional mugs. Your company logo will be printed onto special paper then cover-coated. The resulting print is treated as a water slide transfer and applied by hand to your promotional mug. This is a labour intensive process but it is sometimes worth it if you want your promotional gift to be your customers favourite promotional mug! Transfer print also enables you to extend your promotional design to the inside of your promotional mug. You should also choose transfer print if you are buying some of the bone china range of promotional mugs.


    Print a stunning photographic image onto your promotional mugs even if you need a fast turnaround on your promotional gift. We can do just 72 printed promotional mugs with this process. Don’t choose dye sublimation if your mugs need to withstand harsh dishwasher cycles, but otherwise choose dye sublimation for high quality photo finish promotional mugs. Outstanding gloss finish with a great range of colours using organic dyes, making them environmentally friendly too!


    If you want to differentiate your promotional mug from the rest then the heat change mug is a terrific promotional gift. Don’t choose it if you need your mugs to be dishwasher or microwave safe but otherwise this is a stunning promotional gift. The promotional mug is spray coated with a heat-change colour and printed with a dye sublimation image using organic inks. The promotional image on your mug will come to life as soon as hot liquid is poured in, creating a talking point in the office around your promotional gift!


    Promotional Plastic Mugs are preferred by some companies because of their durability. As they are so safe they are also suitable as a promotional gift to be used by schools or other youth groups. They are high-quality low price promotional mugs which are an effective promotional marketing tool.


    Promotional glasses are a fantastic way of keeping your brand in front of your customers. There is a glassware promotional gift for everyone, from shot glasses to wine glasses. Brand a promotional glass for use at a special event, or use and sell your own branded promotional glassware in your own bar or shop. nb. if using in licensed premises please check whether glasses also require government stamping.


    Consider crystal promotional glasses as a promotional gift. Crystal promotional gifts are sure to take pride of place when put on display at home or at work.


    A perfect promotional gift, a promotional Pewter item, perfect for engraving. Pewter is an alloy of tin and small quantities of other metals, which give strength to the final product. Traditional skills are utilised in Sheffield UK to ensure the quality of this promotional item. This is a promotional gift that will be treasured by your deserving employee or customer. Tankards, trophies, trinket boxes and flasks are all available. Just enquire for your ideal promotional gift.


    Welcome to our amazing updated website ukprintprice.com. Thank you to all our customers and suppliers who have helped us develop our service further with a website designed to make the process of pricing and purchasing up to 3000 bespokely printed products as easy as possible. We save our customers that essential time and supply extensive pricing information in a clear straightforward manner. You can easily access instant print prices FOC for every printed office, marketing or promotional item your business might need. And if you get fed up just browsing online please feel free to use the traditional method and give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you.