5 Ways to Increase Your Sales With Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great way to promote your company to new and existing customers, keeping your brand and contact details on your customer’s desk at all times through products such as printed pens and mugs, but how do you know it’s worth the initial cost?

UKPrintPrice.com have developed the 5C’s to easily manage a promotional product you give out to your customers. By following these easy steps, you will be able to increase the number of enquiries from a promotional campaign, track enquiries and even work out how many converted into sales.

What are the 5C’s?

The five C’s are made up of the following…

  • Clear Message
  • Call to Action
  • Codes & Offers
  • Contact Details
  • Conversions

Now you may be asking yourself, “How do I get those details on a promotional pen?” Well the answer is, you don’t. You have to be a little creative but all of the above can be achieved at no additional cost to your initial promotional items cost or from a little help from a web developer. Let’s start with ‘clear message’, these are the details you put on your promotional item. This may be your website address or telephone number and depending on the promotional item you use, you may have to think how you want to best display this information. For example if you’re ordering a promotional pen or promotional pencil you don’t want to be printing your logo, business address, email and telephone number on the item, it’s going to be too small and it’s not going to grab the attention of your potential customer. You want your contact details and logo to jump off the item, something that your customer is going to be subconsciously seeing on a daily basis for when they’re ready to buy from you, here is a good example…

Printed Promotional Pen

Full Colour Printed Pen

For the purpose of the 5C’s method of tracking and converting enquiries into sales we recommend using a website address to direct enquiries, but if this is unavailable you can use a telephone number for some of the methods. You can see on the example image that our website is clear and concise, we still have our branding included (if you can’t use your entire logo use similar colours on text or item colour) and someone using this pen will know exactly where to go should they need to make a purchase or get more contact details.

Now your potential customer has your contact details, or in this case your website we need to create a call to action which is our second C, so we want them to make an enquiry with you. This can be done in a number of ways so be creative, for this example we’re going to put our call to action on the back of the pen…

Printed Pen

Printed Promotional Pen

 This message will encourage your customers to visit the site on the pen as they know they are more likely to get a better price, offer or discount by visiting this address, you could even print a discount code directly on to the pen. Remember we’re using a promotional pen as an example, you could easily do the same on promotional mugs, printed lanyards or even umbrellas (check out our site for our full range of promotional items) the benefit of items such as an umbrella is more people will see your website address when your customer is out and about using it.

The third C is ‘Codes’ this is an important part of the 5C’s because everyone likes a good offer, because of this you will find that your offer codes may be shared with other businesses or even online business forums that discuss the best offers (pro tip: create an offer and post it yourself in online forums). This way you can track how many sales you get from each promotional campaign you run. With your clients sharing your codes it’s almost like they’re an ambassador for your business spreading the word of your fantastic products and services.

Fourth C, ‘Contact Details’ this is where we tie all of our efforts together to understand how many people are using the promotional item to get in touch with you and place an order. There are a number of ways we can use contact details to get the best results and track our efforts. The first is our web address, these days setting up a website is a lot more affordable than it used to be and registering a domain name can be done for around £5. When putting your domain name (website address) on your promotional item think about ways that you can use this to track your promotional efforts. For example, if you’re an accountant and your main web address is ‘SmithsAccountants.com’ on your promotional items you could place the domain ‘SmithsAccountants.com/offers’ or register a new name just for your promotional campaign such as, ‘SmithsAccountants.net’ this way we know everyone who visits this web address is likely to becoming from our promotional campaign. You can also set up Google Analytics to track the amount of traffic you’re getting to the site, this is free to do and your web designer will know how to do it (we will be writing an article on Google Analytics soon so bookmark our blog). If you don’t have a website there are methods you can use to track calls you’re receiving or an affordable alternative would be to buy a pay as you go SIM that is only used for your promotional campaigns. It is also important to set up a new email address for tracking enquiries, for example if your usual email is info@smithsaccountants.com  you could set up sales@smithsaccountants.com.

Finally the fifth C, ‘Conversions’ this is an important part of the whole process as it allows you to see how successful your promotional campaign was and what areas to tweak or test on your next promotional campaign. By keeping a record of how many people used your promotional code you can see exactly how many sales your promotional campaign generated for you and what type return you received on your promotional campaign. As we know how many promotional pens we originally gave out and we can easily track what sales we received we can work out a conversion rate, this allows us to set a benchmark for your next campaign.

The biggest mistake many people make when running a promotional campaign is not having a method of tracking enquiries or sales from these items, using these methods will give you valuable data you can use to see what ROI you’re getting from your promotional pens, mugs, umbrellas or whatever you decide to use.

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