Five Ways to Use Printed Carrier Bags

Printed carrier bags can offer many benefits to your business and may benefit your business in different ways depending on the industry you’re in and your target market. Using printed bags is a cost effective and flexible marketing tool that works well for brands and branding companies, retail, charity, online business and even service business to name just a few.

Before running a promotional campaign and using your printed bags you need to look at your business goals, are they to increase your sales revenue, brand awareness, customer loyalty or to promote a cause or charity you support.

Here’s how promotional bags can help you achieve your business goals:

1. Printed Carrier Bags as Gifts

This method works particularly well if you have a brand awareness marketing goal in mind, for example if your business is celebrating a particular milestone such as a birthday you should shout about this achievement, letting your customers share in your success whilst allowing them to help your business grow at the same time. Giving away free goody bags at trade shows and events or giving them alongside sales will increase your brand awareness but also encourage that person to re-visit your shop/website/business again.

Using printed carrier bags may also be a clever way of up-selling to a customer. For example if you’re giving away your printed carrier bag to any customer that spends over an amount say, £20. If their total spend is £15 you could do an easy up-sell to them to get your free bag by spending a little more.

2. Sell a ‘bag for life’ instead of using your current printed plastic bags

Providing reusable printed bags is an effective way for you to be in front of your customer more often. It also puts you in front of your customer’s friends and family or even colleagues that will most likely have very similar interests. Retailers are realising more than ever the potential for selling printed bags for life is a quick and easy sale, this is thanks to the popular increase in supermarkets pushing the sale of these items to save money on free bags and to show they are socially responsible.

3. Create a range of design-led reusable printed bags

Many retailers both on the high street and on-line are creating desirable designer reusable bags and bags for life to their product range. Shopping bags such as tote bags are a popular and fashionable item that many people like to use on a daily basis, just think how many you have/use on a daily basis.

If you’re not great at designs it’s easy to find affordable freelance designers on sites such as Elance and Freelancer that can create an original design based on your specification that can easily translate to not only promotional tote bags but also other promotional items that can be re-sold.

4. Using promotional bags to raise awareness

Promotional bags are great marketing tools for business but they can also raise awareness for charities and other worthy causes that you may be associated with.

Using printed carrier bags to raise awareness if you’re a charity is not only a great marketing tool but also could be another revenue stream to raise additional funds. Along with this you could also consider other creative ways to use other promotional tools to raise awareness of charitable and social messages. You can do this with website addresses and even links to sites such as Just Giving that will give residual income from just one tote bag that may be seen by 1,000’s of people.

5. Using a promotional bag to advertise your business and create brand advocates

If one of your concerns with your current marketing efforts are that things such as flyers and leaflets are being simply discarded you can be rest assured that a promotional tote bag will be re-used time and time again. Every time the item is being re-used it acts as a walking advertisement to advertise your products, business, brand or cause. Just think of having 100’s of business advocates promoting your business every day.

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