Import Tax Legislation on Ceramics

Despite opposition from many of the members of the EU a provisional additional duty was imposed on all ceramics arriving in the EU from China from November 15th 2012. The definitive duty will be set by 15th May 2013.

The duties are the result of a nine-month investigation by the commission into claims that Chinese producers are selling ceramics into the EU at artificially low prices. In volume terms 80% of all the EU’s ceramic tableware comes from China and the Commission feels that the imports are crowding out domestic products. Importers argue that the extra duties will mean they will only begin sourcing from alternative overseas countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam.
The knock on effect is increased prices on ceramics for everyone, whether you are buying on the high street or purchasing promotional mugs for your company. As the mugs we supply to you are manufactured in China, it is with regret that this tax has led to an inevitable price increase on our earthenware and bone china mugs. Please be assured that as always we will try our hardest to keep your promotional mugs as affordable as possible.
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