Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Promotional items are usually the first medium many people get to experience your brand or company message. If you’re looking to promote and brand your company with a positive and socially aware message, eco-friendly promotional products could be the way to go.

Receiving a recycled, organic, biodegradable or Fairtrade promotional products with your company brand says many things about your organisation to new and potential customers. It not only shows you value your customers but that you also have a great sense of social responsibility that goes way beyond the bottom line. Your customer’s view of your company may be enhanced and therefore the recipient may often retain that gift longer giving you better exposure of your company details to the recipient and their colleagues.

Here are just a few items the offer within our Eco Friendly promotional goods section.

  • Eco Clocks – Solar Powered and Water Powered desk clocks are a great novel way to get your branding and contact details on your customer’s desk 24/7. A useful item like this isn’t going to need much maintenance such as battery changes and is something that many people will want to keep for a long time as it’s extremely useful.
  • Memo Blocks – These handy little items can be found in almost every office in the UK and get passed around more than a tin of biscuits in the office. A great affordable product that can be easily branded.
  • Note Pads – Another useful tool that can be handed out at conferences and shows. has a great range of A4 and A6 sizes.
  • Pens & Pencils – Our wide range of Eco Pens offer such things as, highlighter pens, Albero pens, Avon recycled pen, biodegradable pens and even our novel tyre pens.
  • Bags – Our popular Tote Bag range is a must have item with many retailers using them as a fashionable must have item with fantastic personalised designs. You can view a recent blog post on making the most from promotional carrier bags, here.
  • Mugs – Our Eco Mugs are made from break resistant recycled plastics available in blue, graphite or red. You can have our eco mugs printed with either one or two colours.
  • Coasters – These popular gifts come in handy in the office and as a cheap promotional item actually last a long time promoting your business directly in front of your customers.
  • Mini Grow Kits – A personal favourite of, the Green & Good Tiny Terracotta cubes with a mini terracotta pot, soil and plant seeds is a great novel promotional product that will be a popular item for many.

You can view our full range of promotional items here.

Remember when using green promotional items to make them more useful and relevant to prevent waste and to ensure a better return on your overall investment in your eco-gifts.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with our helpful sales team on 0844 8099 363.