Little Bears making a BIG difference

Selecting the right product to help promote your business can be a tricky task. Ensuring you select the best product that people are going to want to keep, that also allows your brand to be displayed clearly and at the right cost price may seem like a daunting task. What if you could do this but actually make money from your promotional items, what if your promotional item was cherished for years to come?

Many organisations are now turning to high quality gift items that can be easily branded and sold at a premium to maximise on brand awareness and return on investment. Promotional Teddy Bears are often a perfect fit for this strategy.


One well known company that decided to use this strategy was The Royal Mail who now sell the Harry Teddy Bear via their E-Commerce site with a reasonable margin. You can view our Harry Bear, here!

Another fantastic organisation is the new charitable start-up Equal World which is the world’s first charitable shopping channel selling a wide range of gift items ranging from luxury watches to Bracken Bears with all profits going to worthy causes around the world. A new but fast growing organisation with great Entrepreneurs such as Gems TV Steve Bennett and Sir Richard Branson support. You can watch the show live on SKY 662 or Live, here!


Our promotional bears start at only £1.15 (RRP £4.99) for Tubby Bears or £10.11 (RRP £19.99) for our Bracken Bears. The printed bear range come with a number of options including additional accessories such as T-Shirts and party sashes and can be printed up to four colours depending on the item. Click here to view our full range.