Make the Most of Promotional Gifts

What is a Promotional Gift?

Promotional gifts are items of merchandise that are branded with your logo and used as part of your marketing campaigns. They are given away to promote your brand, your company or an important event for your company, such as a product launch or anniversary. The idea is to find new customers and keep your existing customer base and promotional gifts are particularly effective, repeatedly drawing attention to your logo during daily use. Promotional gifts provide potential customers with personal interaction as well as with free gifts. Customers benefit from receiving a promotional gift and you benefit because those customers become familiar with your brand, which increases the chance of repeat business. All companies, from multi-national to small can benefit from giving promotional items. A promotional gift makes a positive impression on the person receiving it and this message is reinforced every time the product is used.

Promotional Products are used every day, several times a day. They are looked at, written with and worn. They can be used to generate leads, increase brand awareness, thank customers, boost traffic to your website or trade stand, introduce new products and services and motivate people. Promotional gifts often lead not only to sales but also to closer relationships between you and your customers or even within your own organisation.


Which Promotional Gifts are Constant Winners?

Useful promotional gifts are the ones likely to stay on your customers desk and multipurpose gifts have maximum impact and longevity. Try pens, mugs, mouse mats, calculator rulers and trolley coin keyrings. The more useful the item is the more likely it will be kept.



Which promotional gifts are good for maximum exposure?

Supply an umbrella, tote bag, thermal mug or sports bottle to ensure your item is taken out and about and seen by an even larger potential customer base.





Which promotional item can I use to reward my best customers and employees?

Reward your employees or your best customers with quality personalised gifts such as crystal awards and leather goods which will be cherished.



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