More and More Mugs!

We are having a fabulous month for promotional mugs here at, producing promotional mugs for everyone from construction and freight companies through to schools. The designs are all amazingly different, from straight forward promotional mugs with company name and phone number to printed mugs which are promotional gifts to thank people and remind them of an event (so they don’t forget you next year!).



Screen printing is ideal for your straight forward promotional mugs, a promotional gift that will put your company name and number right in front of your customer. Screen printing is the most cost effective for promotional printed mugs and is ideal for simple designs on earthenware. Print an image usually in up to 4 colours within a given area directly onto the mug. If you want a quick turnaround for your promotional gifts then a screen printed promotional mug is ideal.


If your promotional mug requires a more complex image, critical registration, full colour or a large surface area then you need to look at transfer printed promotional mugs. Your company logo will be printed onto special paper then cover-coated. The resulting print is treated as a water slide transfer and applied by hand to your promotional mug. This is a labour intensive process but it is sometimes worth it if you want your promotional gift to be your customers favourite promotional mug! Transfer print also enables you to extend your promotional design to the inside of your promotional mug. You should also choose transfer print if you are buying some of the bone china range of promotional mugs.


Print a stunning photographic image onto your promotional mugs even if you need a fast turnaround on your promotional gift. We can do just 72 printed promotional mugs with this process. Don’t choose dye sublimation if your mugs need to withstand harsh dishwasher cycles, but otherwise choose dye sublimation for high quality photo finish promotional mugs. Outstanding gloss finish with a great range of colours using organic dyes, making them environmentally friendly too!


If you want to differentiate your promotional mug from the rest then the heat change mug is a terrific promotional gift. Don’t choose it if you need your mugs to be dishwasher or microwave safe but otherwise this is a stunning promotional gift. The promotional mug is spray coated with a heat-change colour and printed with a dye sublimation image using organic inks. The promotional image on your mug will come to life as soon as hot liquid is poured in, creating a talking point in the office around your promotional gift!


Promotional Plastic Mugs are preferred by some companies because of their durability. As they are so safe they are also suitable as a promotional gift to be used by schools or other youth groups. They are high-quality low price promotional mugs which are an effective promotional marketing tool.


Promotional glasses are a fantastic way of keeping your brand in front of your customers. There is a glassware promotional gift for everyone, from shot glasses to wine glasses. Brand a promotional glass for use at a special event, or use and sell your own branded promotional glassware in your own bar or shop. nb. if using in licensed premises please check whether glasses also require government stamping.


Consider crystal promotional glasses as a promotional gift. Crystal promotional gifts are sure to take pride of place when put on display at home or at work.


A perfect promotional gift, a promotional Pewter item, perfect for engraving. Pewter is an alloy of tin and small quantities of other metals, which give strength to the final product. Traditional skills are utilised in Sheffield UK to ensure the quality of this promotional item. This is a promotional gift that will be treasured by your deserving employee or customer. Tankards, trophies, trinket boxes and flasks are all available. Just enquire for your ideal promotional gift.