New style 12 sided trolley coin launch

Vendors and retailers are preparing for the new 12-sided pound coin which launches in March 2017, and in anticipation, is pleased to announce a new range of compatible trolley coin keyrings and keychains.

The new style £1 12 sided trolley coin keyring

The new style £1 12 sided trolley coin keyring

The new coin, technically a ‘regular dodecagon’ in shape and similar to a threepenny bit, is being introduced to reduce fraudulent activity. Millions of pounds have been spent converting vending machines, lockers and trolleys already, and work will continue during the upgrade period.

On the plus side for business, trolley coins are extremely handy, and the switch provides a great opportunity for long-term brand visibility.

Our trolley coin keyrings are already available in the new shape, and can be engraved or soft enamelled with your logo, brand or message on both sides. Our range will increase over the coming months, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a free design service.

Now’s the time to make the switch. Call 0344 8099 363 to speak to one our promotional print experts!

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