Promotional Bags has one of the largest selection of printed products and promotional items within the promotional market and we’re constantly looking for new innovations to offer the best range of products on the market.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is working and supporting UK manufacturers to ensure every custom print run has the same high quality standard as the next. Within the last ten years we have built up trusted relationships with all types of manufacturers to bring you the very best quality and prices.

How Does Carrier Bag Production Work?

After you have selected your product and have signed off the design proof with our helpful sales team we take care of the rest. Your design is sent to the manufacturer for your designs to be transferred to printing plates and the printing process begins.

Carrier Bag Production Capability

Our most popular machine has a capability of 18,000 printed bags per hour with up to a maximum of two colours on two sides on our range of carrier bags.

A greener, more environmental approach to production is one of our goals and that’s why we use an approved list of manufacturers who feel the same way about keeping their carbon footprint low. No plastic is wasted and any left-over material is taken from cutting handles or test runs and sent to a recycle plant to be turned back into pellets ready to be used again. Literally nothing goes to waste with our printed carrier bag manufacturing process which allows us to keep our costs low and also our company environmentally responsible.

As well as our larger printing units we also offer an overprint process that is ideal for basic one colour small runs. These are all bespoke made  to our customers requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team on 0844 8099 363 to answer all your questions.

Our bags are made from industry standard 180 gauge plastic but we do have the capability to provide prints on up to 300 gauge for heavier products. We would ask you contact our sales team to discuss your requirements further on bespoke higher grade plastics.

With further investment within our factory we shall soon offer a newly installed machine with the capability of printing 300 bags per minute bringing our total capability up to 466 prints per minute. With high quality heaters our prints now dry faster than ever which enables a quicker turnaround time and a higher quality end product.

What is Flexography?

Flexography is a printing method that uses flexible relief plates to print a design onto almost any type of material such as plastics, metals and paper. This form of printing is perfect for short run professional printed carrier bags

Relief Plates

The relief plate is used to print your design onto the bag and is made from a light sensitive polymer. Before the light treatment the plate has a soft rubber texture until your design on a film negative is placed over the plate and ultraviolet light is exposed to the material hardening the design on to your plate. The remaining polymer that surrounds the design is simply washed away with warm water to reveal the print.


Advantages and Disadvantages on Flexography?

Flexography holds many benefits to our customers these include fast drying ink enabling large runs in a short period of time. We can produce over 18,000 bags per hour which also saves on energy and with the polymer plates allowing millions of prints from one plate it makes this printing process more environmentally sound then many newer printing methods such as digital print. With modern technological advances in the production and development of relief plate manufacture flexography now has the same high quality and continuity that was once separating it from other printing methods.

The disadvantage of using relief plates for printing is the design has to be reversed which limits the designs such as photography.

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