Summer 2018 Branded Products

With over 6000 promotional products, here at ukprintprice we are exposed to small, medium and very large brands on a daily basis. With the temperature at a record high and the entire Nation in a particularly good place due to England’s ongoing World Cup success, I ponder which Summer promotional products have that ‘feel good factor’ and why is it some brands seem to get it so right with their summer promotional products. With brands at the heart of modern consumer culture, how is it certain brands jump effortlessly on the back of the Nations raised spirits and what can we do to make a difference to the message we convey with our own business.


Love Island Reusable Bottles

If you saw the trend coming and could move quickly, you may have been able to capitalize on this Summers new enthusiasm for reusable branded water bottles. A surprising new symbol of youth and general coolness, previously these water bottles had only really been seen at the gym and music festivals but recently have featured heavily in this year’s Love Island. For those of us who consider our environmental impact they are made of plastic but this didn’t stop the contestants having their names plastered all over them! ‘Hydration’ it seems has become cool and this trend has filtered down to promotional products with some forward thinking employers ditching the conventional promotional coffee mug for their staff and customers in favor of funky promotional water bottles. Fortunately we saw the trend developing and stocked up accordingly.

Love Island Blog


Printed Parasols

It’s that time of year where sales in printed parasols are at their peak. Branded parasols have always been a very popular method of advertising for pubs, hotels and restaurants. Here at ukprintprice we offer the classic white stem, the more contemporary wooden stem and the heavy duty aluminium option. When the weather is good, people head outside. This is where this popular promotional and functional product really makes its mark at outdoor events, whether it be a sporting, music or country event, you’ll see these everywhere and with is us offering 18 stock parasol colors from stock, there is a good chance several of these eye catching parasols will have come from us.

Printed Parasols

Branded Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles are the perfect advertising medium particularly for outdoor summer events. Everyone needs and drinks water, especially when faced with these unusual temperatures! Our range of Branded Water is available in 330ml and 500ml sizes with a choice of pure, still or sparkling water. Supplied in plastic bottles and from only 70p per bottle, we offer a a variety of cap colour choices. Screw caps and Sports Caps are also available with the water source from Celtic Springs in Wales and Cornwall. Bespoke label shapes are also available at a small additional cost.


Beach Accessories

It is that wonderful time of year when we head for the beach! One mustn’t underestimate the effectiveness of branded holiday merchandise. If your brand fits well with this relaxing time of year, the number of Britons taking a break remains high with 87% of people taking a holiday either at home or abroad during the past twelve months. The percentage of people holidaying abroad has also increased from 55% to 57%. Holidays abroad are most popular with over 65’s who on average took two foreign holidays per year. They are also more likely to go abroad for a week or more. The average number of domestic holidays also grew significantly last year with 72% of people taking a break in the last twelve months. People aged 35-44 are most likely to take a domestic holiday, on average going on 2.5 trips per person. Our beach accessories include promotional footballs, beach games, towels, sunglasses and even promotional cooler bags!


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