Thermal Mugs

With the weather below freezing outside it is an ideal time to give your customers a useful and lasting gift. You’ve probably already given them an ice scraper – some of our ice scrapers sold out before Christmas! – the next step is a thermal mug. The ukprintprice girls have been using them inside the office to keep their coffee warm – it’s been that cold! Customers will use them in the car, at home and in the office so you are guaranteed maximum exposure for your brand. They are extremely popular in these hectic times as your customers rush from home, to the office, to meetings. They are durable so they won’t get broken if they are being sent out to customers. Thermal mugs become travelling billboards for your brand. The print area on a thermal mug is large so your company name and message will be extremely visible. We have robust plastic thermal mugs or stainless steel mugs. They are mug sized or traditional taller travel mugs. We have a vast range of colours to complement all logos. Take a look at the range on line or call us on 0844 8099 363 if you need help choosing!