Trending Summer Promotional Products

Fidget Spinners –

Easily the toy sensation of 2017, fidget spinners are phenomenally popular and very addictive! Popular with youngsters and adults a-like, our branded fidget spinners are made from high-quality materials and once up and running, seem like they’ll spin forever… just give them a whirl! Print your logo in up to 4 colours. Priced from as low as £1.49 per printed spinner.


For something a little bit different but very much on the fidget spinner theme, fidget cubes are just as fiendishly addictive! Our fidget cubes include a rotating dial, rolling spinning ball and gears, flip switch, thumb joy stick and three click buttons. Cure boredom and get your brand seen at the same time.


Rubik’s Cubes

The enduring 80s phenomenon… now branded with your logo! The Rubik’s Cube is a puzzle with a twist – line up the coloured blocks in as few moves as possible to complete it – or in this case, to reveal your logo or brand message. Everyone knows and loves the retro-chic Rubik’s Cube, especially the 30 and 40 somethings who grew up in the 80’s. A great opportunity for some creative branding.


LED Torches

LED torches are exceptionally bright, compact and energy-efficient making them extremely handy for any tool belt or bedside dresser (great for when the power’s out!). This is one of those promotional items which tends to get really positive feedback from customers – and it’s likely they’ll keep hold of theirs for many years to come.
These LED torches provide a great burst of light when you need it most and the batteries will last a long time too.  Clever additional features such as handy wrist straps, telescopic handles and flexible heads make them very practical for employee issue. There are plenty of options for customisation and we even have a number of novelty designs. For hands-free operation, there’s the option to go for head-torches. Either add your logo in up to four colours by printing on the barrel, or for a more tactile approach, have your logo or branded message engraved instead.


Sweets Sharing Tins

With an impressive choice of more than 20 varities of sweets and mints, our sweetie sharing tins are definitely a ‘kid in a candy shop’ experience! When the going gets tough at work who doesn’t appreciate the offer of a sweet treat or breath-freshening mint. Often handed out from promotional stands at freshers’ fairs and business events, sharing tins avoid the fate of being abandoned at the bottom of a giveaway bag – customers tend to pop them open straight away.

Our sharing tins can be printed in up to 4 colours and there are a number of different tin designs and sweeties to choose from – including childhood classics such as love-hearts and humbugs.


Take out Mugs

Promotional take out mugs are increasingly popular with tea and coffee drinkers as a great way to reduce their carbon footprint… while maintaining their caffeine intake! Reusable coffee and hot drinks mugs tend to travel with your customer – from breakfast table to cup-holder to desk. You couldn’t really ask for better all-day visibility, and they’re very durable too. That’s why travel mugs represent one of most effective giveaways for your money.

Our Haddon travel mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and conform to articles in contact with food testing. Choose from economy one colour mugs with matching colour lid, full colour travel mugs and aluminium mugs with a handy carrying grip.



Our promotional printed earphones look great and include a number of helpful features to give the wearer a comfortable listening experience whether they’re on the train or at the gym. Our inner earphones include a selection of comfortable buds in different sizes for best fit and maximum comfort. These earphones come with a matching carry case, which can be printed with a logo in up to four colours.

Our ‘Ivy’ earphones feature an integrated cable tidy which makes them great for gym-goers who spend their lives untangling their earphone cables! Delivered at an attractive low price and including your logo on the cable tidy, these buds are now available in fashionable colours and low-cost white. Also featuring a 1m long cord, 3.5 jack plug and gold plated connector.


Mason Jar Mugs

These very chic Mason jar mugs look perfect for a summer outdoor event or garden party! Great for enjoying iced tea or iced coffee.
These 550ml mugs are styled like double-walled plastic jar with handle and feature a coloured screw top lid, matching straw and a coloured band around the base. Available in black, blue and red.


Bottle Openers

Our bottle opener keyrings come in every colour and shape you could dream of! Choose from budget one colour logo printed bottle openers or go for something highly bespoke to leave a lasting impression. Our bottle opener options include acrylic and metal print bodies, novelty designs including shipping buoys and hard hats, and bottle openers with integrated mini led-torches.

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