What’s on in June

Can you believe we are almost half way through 2014 already? Where has the time gone, before we know if Tesco’s will have the Christmas aisle set up selling mince pies that expire in November. Any way I’m getting slightly ahead of myself, June is a great month with lots of fantastic events kicking off, get it, kicking off! That’s right The World Cup starts on the 12th June along with the U.S Open and Wimbledon.

Remember to be planning your promotional marketing months in advance to ensure you get your items printed well ahead of schedule to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Events such as these especially the World Cup are great ways of joining in on the exciting and gaining new customers that revel in the fun of a world wide event.

Here is our list for June :

  • Trooping the colour 14th
  • Fathers Day 15th
  • Fifa World Cup 12th
  • Golf : US Open 12th
  • Tennis : Wimbledon 23rd
  • Health & Safety Expo 17th
  • NEC: BBC Gardeners World 11th
  • NEC: BBC Good Food 12th
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