Win Customer Attention -Trending Promotional Items

Getting customers attention isn’t always easy in a busy marketplace. The best way is often to surprise and delight them. Here’s a roundup of popular promotional products that we think will help lift your brand awareness and give you the marketing edge this summer 2016.

Sport Bottles & Branded Hydration

Promotional Sports Bottles have been a customer favourite in 2016 given their usefulness, shelf life and high visibility.










Always a favourite with leisure companies, gyms and personal trainers, we are also seeing sports bottles becoming increasingly popular with a wide range of other businesses. Perhaps this is a trend where business owners and management have come to appreciate the benefits of a hydrated workforce or simply the increase in the number of local gyms and leisure facilities that has an impact on this purchasing trend.

Whether your leisure time is spent in the gym, cycling or running, we carry a range of bottles that will suit all requirements including high-viz, aluminium, fold-able and jogger (grip through the middle) in a range of colour options. All our bottles are fully brand-able and we even provide a free design service to help you get your logo and any promotional message just perfect.

There’s also the option to brand water and soft drinks bottles – perfect for any outdoor summer event.












Beach & Holiday Accessories

Our range of branded beach accessories are red hot this summer! From promotional beach balls to floats, games and bags, we’ve got you covered. Branded sun spray is always handy, as are our windscreen covers, preventing any ‘hot seat-belt on skin’ moments after a day at the beach!

Help get your clients holidays off to a great start with a branded luggage and security tags – or if it’s a driving holiday, we even have personalised leather road atlases.

Complimenting our beach accessories, we have a range of picnic blankets, cooler bags and outdoor games – for peaceful days at the park or recreational ground. We even stock logo branded barbecues – a functional and inventive way to show your appreciation to key clients and employees.

bag and ball
Lip Protection

Branded lip balms and oils are a ‘small but effective’ promotional gift item, ever-available in a handbag or day-bag.

Promotional lip balms protect lips from cold or hot weather and are a perfect low-cost giveaway at any outdoor event. Their low cost also makes them perfect for any large volume based promotion and for any company, especially those associated with health and beauty.

Our Natural Lip Balm is 100% organic and certified by NATURE. All ingredients are sourced from organic farming or fair-trade projects. Branded lip balm sticks come in a variety of sizes, colours and flavours.












Stress Relievers & Desk Toys

Stress relievers are the kind of promotional gift which seems to hang around the office for years and years – often making their way between desks and even departments depending on the individuals level of frustration!

We offer a large range of stress balls, key rings, wobblers in many shapes and styles – including seasonal stress relievers for Christmas goody bags.

We also carry a fantastic range of executive gifts and toys. Raise the stakes at office parties with branded poker or card sets. Or add your logo to our excellent fun 6-in-1 games set which includes chess, dominoes and four more games.

Of course, all our stress relievers and executive toys can be branded with your logo and a number of colour options are available.










USB Sticks 

USB sticks are now so common they find their place on many people’s key rings, but unfortunately, the designs often lack inspiration, which is a great shame as the sky is the limit!

From novelty designs to sleek, low profile models, we offer drives for all budgets and purposes. Football fans can have a football or football shirt with their team colours included. We also have pendrives shaped like trucks, cars and planes.  For budding James Bonds, we even have USB drives disguised as ball point pens and credit cards.

You can order USB sticks in a variety of capabilities, from 1GB all the way up to 250GB – more than enough storage to carry documents, presentations and photos.

Some of our memory sticks can even be preloaded with your files – a great way to introduce customers to your brand through promotional PDF’s, images or videos.




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