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Promotional Glass Drinkware

Printed glassware is an effective marketing method that’s perfect for getting your brand seen on daily basis by a wide target audience. Bars, pubs and restaurants that provide hospitality will benefit from promotional glasses. Children will enjoy having a soft drink and adults sipping a glass of bubbles using your custom glassware range.

Having your logo on branded glassware will offer a gentle reminder of your presence through the duration of their stay. If your customers have a pleasant experience, they will be quick to remember you! We offer a range of high-quality glassware from as little as £2.06 with the option of 1-4 colour print. We also have a frosted hi-ball glass that’s available with full-colour print.

Beer Glasses

The taste of a cold refreshing beer is always a hit with the punters after a long hard week at work or during a football game in the local pub. You can have your logo printed in 1-4 colours directly on to these promotional pint glasses. The colours can be tailored to complement your brand. We find customers who have a pleasant experience in your establishment will be more likely to remember your brand in the future.

We have a large range of printed beer glasses to suit different type of beverages that will ensure your customers get the most from their favourite tipple. We have a short-stemmed beer glass that is perfect for lager drinkers, promotional pint glass tankards for avid bitter drinkers, traditional branded conical and tulip beer glasses that are ideal for any beer or cider.

Our custom pint glasses start as little as £2.06 that include 1 colour print and FREE delivery! So, whether you’re organising a beer festival or running a pub, we have a beer glass to suit you.

Wine & Champagne Glasses

Are you hosting an exhibition, special occasion or a business launch party? If so then look no further! We have a variety of celebration glassware that can have your logo printed directly on the glass in up to 4 colours. Printed wine glasses and champagne flutes are popular pieces of glassware. They are commonly used for wedding toasts, award ceremonies and special events but we can cater for all different kinds of occasions.

Our promotional range of branded wine glasses is available with a 250ml and 310ml capacity, designed with a long elegant stem. Custom champagne glasses with a 170ml capacity, offer an elegant touch whilst drinking and can make luxurious corporate gifts too. The transparent glass provides a great canvas for your logo as your logo will always be seen by your customer.

As your guests walk through the door, present them with a branded glass of sparkling champagne. As they enjoy sipping the bubbles it will subconsciously give your recipients a positive recollection of your brand. With prices starting from £2.22, our range of wine glasses can replace old drinking glasses and help you promote your brand efficiently.

Shot Glasses

Printed shot glasses are a great way to get the party started! We have a variety of shot glasses from curvy to straight edge designs with plenty of space for your logo. These promotional products are screen printed with your artwork in 1 to 4 colours, selecting Pantone colours to closely match your brand guidelines.

Branded shot glasses can make great free giveaways either at exhibitions or at your establishment. They are small, durable and easy to store in a cupboard at home, optimising your companies presence at all times. They also make great collectable souvenirs that can be sold in gift shops or alongside a presentation gift set.

Commonly found behind a bar, these promotional shot glasses are ideal for serving vodka, tequila or any favourite spirit that takes your fancy. Shot glasses with your logo doesn’t have to be used just for alcohol, why not serve up chocolate dipping sauce alongside a dessert or even use them as mini flower vases as quirky table decorations. Our minds take notice of unusual and unique things to utilise the use of your shot glasses and your customers will be sure to remember you!

So if you’re looking for high quality printed shot glasses, our range starts from £2.06 per unit and that includes 1 colour print and free delivery!

Hi-ball Glasses

We have different styles of promotional hi-ball glasses that can be used for all types of beverages. Most people from children to adults will use a glass at some point whilst dining or stopping by for a refreshing drink, so having your logo on these printed hi-ball glasses will be right in front of them and achieving optimum brand awareness.

If you have a simple logo, we can print it in 1-4 colours straight on to the glass. If you have a company message or a detailed marketing image you want to get across that is a little more complex in design, we have a frosted hi-ball glass where your artwork can be printed in full colour to achieve optimum marking results. This is perfect for ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd!

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