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3 x 3m Folding Display

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3 x 3m
Full Colour
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Product Description

This eye-catching display system is perfect for making your brand look good indoors. We can print any design in any colours onto the 3x3m knitted polyester canvas, so this product is ideal as a stand-alone advertisement for your brand or as a backdrop for an event. Velcro holds the display to the frame, meaning that you can adapt your product for any purpose. Assembly is simple and easy, with a pop-up frame, wheeled case and a one-piece graphic included. NB Due to the large size of the display, we are required to print your graphic in two halves and stitch them together. However, as displayed in the picture, this is done seamlessly, taking into consideration the positioning and layout of your artwork.
3 x 3m Folding Display
3 x 3m Folding Display
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Full Colour
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