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Printed Tissue Paper

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Printed Tissue Paper


Our Printed Tissue Paper

Our printed tissue paper is widely used by retail outlets of all sizes wrapping their product at the stores payment counter. It has a premium quality feel and is also often used by luxury brands as part of their retail packaging. It's an ideal dust protector for ceramics, jewellery, glass products and gifts. It is also a surprisingly cost-effective and stylish way of branding your product. From a design and branding perspective, printed tissue paper is a versatile product with several design options available. White tissue paper printed with a white logo is quite fashionable at the moment providing a white on white minimalist design. Equally we also manufacturer white tissue paper with a gold logo for a well known cosmetics company. If a bolder and more prominent design is required we also print chequered and tartan tissue paper for a well known clothing brand. There is a one-off initial cost to create the printing plates (subject to how many colours you opt for) but when they are made the unit cost of printed tissue paper is surprisingly competitive as the prices shown are per ream, which is a kraft parcel of 500 printed sheets. The standard sheet size for printed tissue paper is: 500x750mm but we can manufacture and cut it to almost any prefered size. 

Over Printed Tissue Sheets (1 to 9 reams)

For very short print runs, we can overprint one colour logos onto as many as 70 stocked colours of tissue paper. We can overprint sheets from as little as one ream (500 sheets) onto a product called Satin wrap. Satin wrap is a premium quality 17gsm MF tissue paper for retail and luxury packaging. One colour printing is normally based on a maximum of 25% ink coverage. Metallic Gold, Silver and Copper tissue is also available for overprinting as a slightly more expensive option. Standard ink colours include white, black, gold and silver.

Over Printed Tissue Paper

Reel Printed Tissue Paper (10 to 200 reams)

If your printed tissue paper order is for more than 10 reams (5000 sheets) the cost per ream comes down substantially. This is because  we can maufacture the printed tissue paper on reels, both in Machine Glazed tissue paper (MG) or Machine Finished (MF.) This also means we can offer PMS matching to specific corporate colours up to three colours. Again, we base most prices on 25% ink coverage on 17gsm thickness but heavier thicknesses of paper are also available such as 22gsm and 30gsm. Coloured tissue is printed both sides and the finished trimmed sheets can also be larger in both MG and MF tissue grades up to 1000mm wide if required. Popular reel printed tissue colours are black, white, gold and silver, all of which can be printed with a specific pantone colour. All the finished reams are neatly packaged and covered in kraft paper. They are also strapped and palletised, ready for nationwide delivery. Lead times can be up to 4 weeks on new prints and all prices are subject to sight of artwork.

Tissue Paper

Eastern Europe Production (200 reams and over)

For larger printed tissue paper orders we can compare UK manufacturing costs with Eastern Europe production. Although the transportation costs are more, on larger print runs this additional cost is often offset considerably by the lower labour costs. Please note, on larger printed tissue runs we also offer storage and fulfilment to multi-site addresses across the UK. We offer this from our Head Office in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. This additional tracked fulfilment service means we can easily service national retailers with several hundred highstreet outlets, many of which have their own individual quantity requirements.  

Tissue Paper

Machine Glazed Tissue Paper (MG)

Machine Glazed printed tissue or 'MG' for short is widely used by retailers wrapping their products at the counter.  It is commonly used in the crockery and footwear sectors. The machine glazed tissue paper is a cost effective alternative to machine finished. The tissue paper is made from virgin pulp but can be recycled after use. It is glazed to one side only. It is simply personal preference whether to opt for an MG or MF tissue finish because while some retailers prefer MG as it is glazed to one side and they like the shiny finish, others prefer Machine Finished tissue as it is matt to both sides and they consider this to be more of a premium finish.    

Machine Glazed Tissue Paper

Machine Finished Tissue Paper (MF)

Machine Finished tissue or 'MF' is a crisp white tissue paper and is matt on both sides. It is considered a better quality paper in terms of texture and finish and is prefered by leading brands such as Harrods, Selfridges and Boots. Our range of MF tissue is Acid- Free which means it has a neutral PH and won't tarnish or damage the goods when the tissue paper and the product it is protecting are together for long periods of time such as jewellery and clothing.

Machine Finished Tissue Paper

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