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Looking For Printed Water Bottles?

Well, it's fair to say we've sold more promotional water bottles this Summer than ever before! Summer 2018 has seen one of the longest UK heatwaves in history with parched Britain facing potentially another six weeks of blazing sunshine. When you combine World Cup fever with scorchio temperatures and our trendy Tutti Frutti Infuser Water Bottles featuring prominently on Love Island every night, then it's not surprising that our promotional water bottle sales are on the up!  We look at our new improved range below and summarise the various considerations when buying branded sports bottles..

Firstly, Budget 

One of the first considerations when buying promotional products is obviously budget and whether you will get a good advertising return on your buck. Our conventional plastic sports bottles start from as little as 77p each with one of our most popular ranges Grip Sports Bottles reduced to only 99p. Bespokely printed water bottles can go all the way up to over £20 though for Copper insulated water bottles which will keep your drinks cold for 48 hours and hot drinks warm for 12 hours. Budget is normally dictated by your event and target market. If you are selling £100k+ Range Rovers with an integrated cooler box in the hand rest then a premium copper insulated Hemmings water bottle in black and silver will be spot on brand and cost will be less of a concern. However, budgets are generally more realistic for promotional give-aways and that is what makes the Grip Sports bottles one of our best sellers with a large print area and a choice of two types of cap, either a valve or push cap.

New Water Bottle Styles For 2018

If the conventional plastic sports bottles with different coloured screw caps don't float your boat and you want something a little bit different. Why not consider our new branded water bottle styles and shapes for 2018. We've now got Foldable printed water bottles which are available in different shapes (including a shirt shape) and come in a range of shiny metallic colours. Flexible and compact, yet surprisingly robust. These offer a modern twist where customers can simply pop them in their pocket or a small bag. There is also a transparent window on the front where the customer can check their water level. 

We've now also got Protein Shakers starting from only £2.13 each. These are a good fit for any health related venue such as gyms, spas, health centres or sports events. Supplied in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and lids. These branded Protein Shakers have either a protein dispenser in the bottle that you simply top up or a mesh insert to help blend and mix the protein into a drinkable liquid.

Aluminium Water Bottles

Aluminium water bottles remain popular in a range of new shapes. There are some nice stylish matt metallic colours available with both traditional camping styles as well as contemporay new shapes. Promotional aluminium water bottles tend to be popular with companies involved with the outdoors. These designs come with carabiner clips, making them ideal for camping and walking.

Glass Water Bottles

Also, let's not overlook our new Geometric shaped Glass Water bottles.  These really stand out in a crowd with their unusual shapes and functionality. The Hover Glass Water Bottle for example is housed in a protective silicone sleeve and comes with a dual opening screw in lid that means your customers will be able to add ice cubes with ease. Nice touch - we thought and actually quite premium looking. We can print on the top of the bottle and also the lid with these new funky shapes. Remember these are considered Eco friendly when compared to our plastic sports bottle range and many small and larger companies are trying to move away from plastic materials in general.  

Full Colour Printing

If you are looking to include a full colour and vibrant printed message, then we can supply digitally printed water bottles in four colours. This includes some of our plastic sports bottles, fold up metallic bottles and several 800ml transparent water bottles with a choice of 7 different colour trims. The 360-degree digital printing that wraps all the way around the water bottle is a particularly noticeable look when printed in full colour. If you want your logo or message to really stand out in a crowd then this is worth considering and we will happily arrange to print you a sample so you can see what your finished product will look like.

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